GameStop Ad 9/12 - 9/14 Weekend Deals

Take a look at the GameStop weekend ad.

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LazyGoron1532d ago

I'll save the click:

-$150/$75 credit when you trade in last gen systems for PS4
-Watch Dogs, MLB The Show, Knack, Infamous SS, & Killzone all have $20 off or more for PS4
-Racing wheel for PS4 released

No deals other than those

WeAreLegion1532d ago

Don't post contents from the article. I got a one day ban for that yesterday. :/ I know it's helpful, but be careful.

acemonkey1532d ago

i didnt get banned but i got a strong warning lol was like why lol

LazyGoron1532d ago

Hmm... ok, meant no harm to anyone or Gamestop LOL. It's just a link to pictures, not even a full article really.

I enjoy when people explain the articles, usually gives extra/different insight than I'd otherwise have. I usually still click and read myself but on articles like these, why does everyone need to click?

Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it.

sanosukegtr1231532d ago

That’s dumb its sharing the info to other people what’s wrong with that.

Macdaddy711532d ago

OMG MS you better fix this!!! Sony going to really hurt X1 with this kind of trade in....