Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 32: Happy Destiny Week! :D

It's Destiny week! One of the most anticipated games of the year launches this week, and the crew has plenty Destiny-related tidbits to share about it! Join Glenn, Ben, and Garri as they discuss what has been an interesting week for both Sony and Microsoft in the gaming world.

Find out what happened to Lizard Squad, the cybercrime group that performed DDoS attacks on multiple Internet-based companies including PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, and how Xbox's Japanese launch went. And speaking of Xbox, find out what kind of waves its brand-new Destiny fragrance is making in the gaming world

A huge shoutout and thank-you to @SZLoc for allowing us to use "The Identity Song!" We promise to "use the hell out of it" when we can! The intro song is one we've used before. It's from the soundtrack for Ubisoft's Speed Busters racing game.

Tweet us @TheRDGH, and see you next week! Until then, don't be a racist.

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