This New Shaq Trailer For NBA 2K15 Is A Thing of Beauty

This new trailer for NBA 2K15 shows off Shaquille O'neal in his Orlando Magic days. It's full of Shaq's beauty and really shows why we love him and his brilliant one liners. Take a look

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forager1437d ago

That's so awesome hahaha

3-4-51437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

lol ShawShaq redemption !

sovietsoldier1437d ago

how about Lakers 2000-2002 championship team in roster please. i drove me crazy that it was not in 2k14.

crazychris41241437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

That 2002 Lakers team is legendary for the wrong reasons. I want a 2002 Kings team and ill buy the game instantly even though im a knicks fan. That was team basketball at its finest

Baccra171437d ago

I almost thought this was a trailer for the new Shaq-Fu.

The_Blue1437d ago

Shaq-Fu is gonna be a very interesting game. lol