Destiny: Check Out the Full Map and All its Planets and Missions

Destiny is finally coming, and with it you can finally take a glimpse to the full map of the game, including Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus and the Reef.

Of course beware of mild spoilers.

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OUROSMAG1530d ago

My excitement for tonights launch is in the can. I should of ordered a physical copy... I blame myself but I'm still bummed.

xer01530d ago

Destiny is going to be huge.

Bungie have clearly thought out the universe for this game.., and it's going to be huge this generation.

Flamingweazel1530d ago

Games seems repetitive, shallow, and there is no reason to explore, planets seem barren with lots of backtracking, very disappointed.

Nekroo911530d ago

I have to agree with you and i bet the most exciting planets will be avaiable through DLC

1530d ago
kizzle321530d ago

The beta had only like 4 or 5 zones you could explore. Of course it probably seemed repetitive due to most social mmo type games, the first 5-10 levels of content are there for noobs thus not too complex.

I am confident as u level the game will become more challenging and diverse.

kratoz12091530d ago

Destiny on ps4 has already sold out at my local eb games

Codewow1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Lots of Xbox Ones were moving at my target today. No word on sell outs from it though. I haven't seen any boxes of games come into the store yet either, so my guess is tomorrow morning they will arrive. My best guess is GameStop and such got all the preorders for ps4

hello121530d ago

[email protected] I would not be surprising, this would be the time people would buy an x box 1

xer01530d ago

It's funny how Destiny is shifting Xbox One units; when all the exclusives (timed or whatever) are on PS4.

I'd rather go for Destiny on PS4 than Xbox One.

Logically, I get all the exclusives.

Don't be hating.., just saying ;-)

Fkhalf161530d ago

The main online gaming store in my country is out of stock before it even launched. Lucky I pre-ordered mine.

rawshack1530d ago

i just picked up this game now its the longest wait waiting for the update to install

BionicRogue211530d ago

How did you get the game so early?!

rawshack1530d ago

i live in new zealand time line differences.its 11 am at the moment

Ninver1530d ago

It's also available for purchase here in Aus

Battlefieldlover1530d ago

I kinda hate you a little right now. I know, strong. But i do... a little.

ugh... good luck gaurdian.

Becuzisaid1530d ago empty area in each map. What could it be? So excited!

Becuzisaid1530d ago

Yeah that's what I'm expecting to unfortunately. But here's hoping.

ScottyHoss1530d ago

They're adding raids soon, a week I think. That's my guess

Muzikguy1530d ago

I'm a little shocked that the game comes out in just a few hours. It seems like so long ago when we first heard about it. I'm still up in the air on getting it even though I know I won't regret it. I need some monies!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.