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EB's Matt Heywood writes, "World of Warships is being developed by the Moscow Wargaming studio, and its focus, like the Tanks games, is on historical accuracy. This is immediately clear once you see one of the game’s massive battleships anchored in highly detailed water that reacts masterfully to the ship’s guns, engines, and cannons. The level of detail in the ships is beyond impressive, and according to the developers on hand, each model took around eight months to build. We were shown a Nagato battleship from Japan’s fleet, and it boasted five hundred individual objects that had to be crafted to maintain World of Warships’ dedication to history and accuracy. Every gun turret, cannon, and living quarter has been painstakingly recreated in digital form to give the game a level of realism that Wargaming fans have come to expect, so the eight month build time is no joke and evidence of the team’s dedication to making World of Warships an authentic WWII-era naval action strategy title."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1534d ago

Slow deliberate gameplay, and highly authentic ships. This game will offer some awesome multiplayer gameplay.

FrogSpork1534d ago

From those screens alone, it is pretty clear to see graphics are gonna be one of this titles selling points.

tacotruck1534d ago

Liking the faithful recreation

snowbearder1534d ago

All about those ship games

TenBensons1534d ago

Nice but will wait for gaijin to add naval combat to war thunder methinks

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