Watch Dogs 2 Wishlist

iTechHeads: The Watch Dogs hype is gone. We can finally see the game for what it really is…a mediocre open-world game with a “meh” story and boring character. If you’re still on the fence about this game, I still recommend you buy it but get it on sale or something. Moving on, here’s what Ubisoft needs to do for Watch Dogs 2 that will make me pony up another $60 for a sequel.

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sipale1531d ago

Totanly agree with these points. About to fire up the game for the first time in two months and try to finish the game. I think it's a sign of how unmemorable the characters, if the only name i can remember at the moment is aiden

Einhert1531d ago

Don't be made

Bring Splinter Cell back to its roots and focus on revitalising Rainbow 6

Bennibop1531d ago

Only have one wish for Watchdogs 2 and that is its actually interesting to play!

Watchdogs is a victim of hype, it was not that great a game.

poppinslops1530d ago

Watch_dogs has a core concept with lots of potential, but the experience is 'grittier' and more 'realitic' than I'd hoped.

Perhaps a dfferent city? Washington might up the ante, plot-wise. Also, the Assassin's Creed connection could be further exploited - hacking Templars for Rebecca, or some such...

They should definitely have a bit where a guy yells 'Hack the world man, HACK THE WORLD!!!', and then you hack the world...

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