Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix becomes a Greatest Hits videogame

It looks like Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is the latest videogame to be added to the Greatest Hits line of Playstation 3.

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Snookies121529d ago

Well of course, it's freaking awesome. Although I'm even more excited about 2.5 coming out soon...

Magicite1529d ago

I wish I could get both in one package!

theRell1529d ago

Perfect timing for those who haven't picked it up, get it done before 2.5 drops.

jjonez181529d ago

Yeah perfect timing. I'm so excited. I held off on 1.5 so I can get it a couple weeks before 2.5. I'm gonna binge on KH games. Come November and December.

Summons751529d ago

Doesn't a game need to make a certain amount of sales before making the greatest hits list? This hasn't even been released... Still awesome set of games though, too bad KH3 is on the PS4 and porting these to the ps3 was a troll move.

jjonez181529d ago

This is for KH 1.5
And article says the criteria for a greatest hits game is 500k copies and 10months on the market. Not like a KH game needs to worry since they were already multimillion sellers on PS2 and DS.

GenericNameHere1529d ago

KHHDI.5R was released last year, a week before GTAV dropped. KHHDII.5R is releasing outside Japan in December 2(US)/5(EU). 1.5R is just a few days away from being a full year old, and has already sold more than 500K copies, thus the Greatest Hits repackaging.

I don't mind the PS3 getting them. I have no doubt they'll rerelease the games again on PS4 and Xbox One when KHIII gets closer to release. Get people to quadruple dip on the games (Vanilla, Final Mix, FMHD, then PS4XB1HD).

Alicornium1529d ago

My god, I've played this game over 15 times... which honestly isn't a lot, but still...

Eonjay1529d ago

And can't wait for 2.5Remix. Its a must play for me.

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