GTAV - New-Gen Release Date Announcement Imminent? Testers Already Playing PC Version On Steam

DSOGaming writes: "And it's alive. It's alive everyone. According to SteamDB's GTA V info, two game testers have been playing the PC version this month."

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crusf1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Anything with the title GTA V and Release date together seems to equal more clicks for so many sites recently. Truth is we really won't know when the date for release is until we hear it from a direct source that means Rockstar.

Agent_hitman1195d ago

As a PC gamer, I'm very happy about his news. And I'm pretty sure Modders are also ready to polish this game further once it is released. Icenhancer mod anyone?.. :D

Audiggity1195d ago

Yes please!

But not before the GTX 880 boards are out... don't want anything to melt.

traumadisaster1195d ago

May be a long wait as there is not an 880 "board" coming.

1195d ago
Audiggity1194d ago

@ trauma - Sorry for not using the exact terminology that you require. I clearly meant the GTX 880 chipset or GPU... not sure which is correct, please choose one.

@ LogicalReason - you may want to consider a new username, as this one is currently inaccurate based on your comprehension skills. I know it isn't out yet, that is why I said "But not before the GTX 880 boards (GPUs) are out..."

Furthermore, don't accuse me of exaggerating when you aren't capable of understanding anything to begin with. "don't want anything to melt" is referring to my current rig, attempting to run GTA V with mods such as IceEnhancer + High Res packs... I was making fun of my current system.

Lastly, the GTX 880 is coming out, eventually having a new Maxwell architecture using 20 nm process is 2015 - even the 780 Ti outperformed the R290 - and the early benchmarks for the 28 nm GTA 880 are showing a 30% bump on top of the 780 Ti's, with performance exceeding the Titan for a fraction of the cost.

So, enjoy your buy 1 get 1 free sale on the 290's while I wait for the next generation of Nvidia, which doesn't even have a release date btw. Do your homework before you pretend to know anything.

Mikeyy1195d ago

I hope it's a steam workshop supported game, makes installing mods soo easy.

Audiggity1195d ago

Agreed 100%... I've been saying that for months... just like I was hoping you could transfer characters over from GTA: Online... so, keep your fingers crossed!

Arturo841195d ago

I thought the gta online progress was the only thing being transferred or is it just console to console

esemce1195d ago

Yeah mod support and lets hope that it's optimised better than GTA4 was.

Dawknight3161195d ago

They will announce the release date with a new trailer on the 17th. The anniversary of Last years release.

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The story is too old to be commented.