NBA Live 15 Delayed Until October 28th

GoodGameBro writes, "To put it simply, NBA Live has had a rough couple of years. After NBA Live 10 released to a rather positive reception, the series was strangely rebooted which ultimately lead to numerous delays and cancellations."

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MrSwankSinatra1382d ago

EA really needs to stop lol. They better be lucky they have NFL exclusive rights otherwise they'd be scrambling with madden the same way they're scambling with live. The best thing I can say is take a couple of years off and then re-introduce NBA Live becuase if EA keeps going down this path Live is going to lose whatever recognition it has left.

Kevin263851382d ago

They already did that! haha

aCasualGamer1382d ago

EA are retards. All that money. All that experience with NBA games. All those developers.

...and they can't even bring a solid NBA title for nextgen.

RyujiDanma1382d ago

the best and smartest thing they can do now is just release it weeks before 2k15 comes out, at least they will make some sales. oh wait 2k15 has an OCT 9 release date.

NBA LIVE is screwed

Kevin263851382d ago

Agreed. Honestly, is 3 weeks going to make NBA Live 15 THAT much better?

What's going to happen is the people who love the NBA Live series (Small, but still a dedicated community) will probably purchase 2K15 because they won't wait 3 weeks for Live.


And release it cheap as possible.

Ashby_JC1382d ago

Where have you been. After Live 10 they were going to come out with Elite 11. Then after the demo came out....and was a mess with a jesus glitch (google it)

the ended up scrapping the game. And 2-3 years later all they could muster was the lackluster NBA Live 14. So they had plenty of time to hit us over the head with a bad arse NBA game.

Imagine if 2K had 2-3 years to make a B ball game!!!

All_Consoles1382d ago

Anyone actually buy this crap?

98xpresent1382d ago

I got the last one for Christmas lol .

PR_FROM_OHIO1382d ago

Lmfao!!!!! Dear, EA please stop

GiggMan1382d ago

It's always something with this franchise. Just drop basketball and give me a next gen Fight Night.

Dissidia1382d ago

Thank you! Please EA just spend those resources on a new fight night. Let 2K have basketball

truegamerkt1382d ago

Yes bring back fight night please.

Ashby_JC1382d ago

At this point I feel a fully realized BOXING game from EA would sell better then NBA live.

I remember when LIVE was THE nba game and 2k was the new kid on the block.

How times change. Maybe before I die I can get another football game besides EAs

98xpresent1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Fear & Intimidation

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The story is too old to be commented.