Destiny’s Lore Detailed in a Mere Minute

At midnight, one of -if not the – most anticipated titles of all time, Destiny, will be released unto the world. Created by the impeccably talented team at Bungie, Destiny promises to be a video game experience quite unlike no other, offering richly detailed worlds and top-notch gameplay all rolled into one neat package.

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DoublePlusGoodGames1561d ago

Well, to be fair, this is the most anticipated title for several different groups in gaming:

For Activision this is highly anticipated as they know that Call of Duty will sell, but everyone (including their investors) is anticipating great things from Bungie and this title.

For Halo fans, this is a chance to see Bungie return to their Marathon/original Halo roots which had been compromised (as many have said) since they 'mom tested' Halo 2.

For FPS players, this is a shooter...but on different planets! So, that's exciting... :/

For people like me (late 30's), it was a "nothing" title that spurned little interest. I played the Alpha and thought it was ok, but during the beta I really started to enjoy my time with the game. I hadn't had this much fun since the original Borderlands and the people I was playing with were sincerely fun to talk to and play with. It was like the old LAN days of Unreal or Marathon where people actually enjoyed the game they were playing. *GASP*

In the end, I am actually pretty excited about this and it's one of the highlights of my gaming year (now that NHL 15 turned into a crapfest). I really hope Bungie pulls this off and the game remains fun but, as history has shown, my fun is ultimate determined by the people I'm playing with. So if people are being complete jerks online or taking the fun away, I expect this to be another run of the mill FPS.

Oh, and I got it for $10 at I'm guaranteed to get my money's worth. ;)

Nodoze1561d ago

Sorry but this is NOT the most anticipated game of all time. I am sure it will be fun, but enough hype already. Let the game speak for itself.