Tetsuya Nomura’s Play Arts Kai Batman is now a reality, looks epic

Tetsuya Nomura created concept art of what his version of the caped crusader would look like (see above) and people seemed to love it. Square Enix’s figurine division Play Arts which makes some of the best statues and figures in the industry made Nomura’s Batman a reality.

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Snookies121291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Birth by Batman armor, nice... He must be a keyblade wielder.

Lol, in all seriousness, it does look pretty awesome.

Magicite1291d ago

Tetsuya knows how to draw..

Enemy1291d ago

Whoa I remember when the concept art was posted awhile back. Didn't think it would actually happen.

I don't collect statues or figures but I'd actually buy this for some reason. It does look badass.

Scatpants1291d ago

Looks too busy. I don't see Batman wearing anything like this.

Einhert1291d ago

There is far to much happening with this figure, as scatpants said it is far to busy in all areas.

It might be a fun interpretation but I think it just looks silly.

MeliMel1291d ago

I disagree, as a collector, its one of the best batman figurines yet.

DevilOgreFish1291d ago

they should make this into an outfit for the upcoming game.

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