Destiny release imminent, can Bungie top Halo with Destiny?

Most online console gamers have been accustomed to modern first person shooter’s, while games that lack such a fast pace have suffered with online users. Although Bungie will be bringing innovative features and an MMO type of feel to Destiny, it’ll be something to watch for, as this is a new online experience, and one that may spawn more experiences alike if the formula is successful

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miyamoto1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Destiny is launching on more installed bases PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox 1 so ... it's three yeses! ^_^
That is a no brainer.

donthate1496d ago

It might top in sales, but the game experience is sub par so far!

Volkama1496d ago

As a game it is different. The social and RPG elements aren't a part of Halo, and could set Destiny apart in a positive way.

But Destiny doesn't come close to Halo in any area that Halo offers (campaign, competitive multiplayer).

I don't think I would say it has "topped Halo", but that isn't necessarily a problem. It's a different experience.

overrated441497d ago

Nice way to use your single bubble. I think the game will do very well though. And Bungie are definitely in this for the long haul.

ScorpiusX1496d ago

Have no choice they signed a ten year deal and recently stated that working on another game would be hectic , so they most definitely have no choice. Lol

qwerty6761497d ago

we talking about sales?

cause that shouldn't even be a question, it obvious it will.

SJPFTW1496d ago

Sales? Yes because of larger install base. But better game than Halo CE or Halo 2? Have to wait and see, especially since a lot of people seem to be disappointed with the game.

GodGinrai1496d ago

Sales? probably yes. Gameplay?...Nah.The competitive MP is simply not as good as halo. It deffo feels like halo underneath...but like an unbalanced halo. My friends dragged me into crucible. I warned them that its...They are used to better, in that area. I was right.

But I like the cop op in this more than halo.

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