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GameGrin's Ryan Davies writes: "I had one question for the NBA 2K15 representatives at this year’s gamescom: why do the NBA 2K games always look so damn good? They had a pretty simple answer for me: 85% of the players in the game have their faces scanned by 2K, the new game features over 5,000 extra animations on top of some ridiculous number and apparently the engine is pretty good too. So magic isn’t to blame after all - disappointing, but hopeful for those who aim to reach the visual quality of the NBA series. So that was my one question covered. I’m not an NBA fan you see, although I’ve actually played the game series quite a lot thanks to a friend who’s really into his basketball. But I decided to sit back and let the Visual Concepts team show me what they do best."

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thereapersson1530d ago

How about they fix the menus and organization to be more like the PS3 / X360 version? The next-gen menus were so terribly organized I thought they just put them on a board and threw darts at them to figure out how to configure the game.

Castle3331530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I agree

ShowanW1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I agree, and I approve this rant.

ShowanW1530d ago

I agree.

I approve thereapersson's rant