Why Bloodborne Should Be Easier Than Dark Souls

OnlySP: When it comes to upcoming single player experiences nothing looks more intense and creepy than From Software’s Bloodborne for Playstation 4. It looks almost like Nightmare Creatures reborn.

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Enemy1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It won't be. All impressions and direct quotes from Miyazaki confirm this. They turned on a god mode-like difficulty setting for public demoing purposes (who wants to die over and over during a demo?) but that's about as forgiving as Miyazaki will be for newcomers. Sorry.

Expect launch week complaints about "the game being too hard" from people that expected Bloodborne to be more accessible like DMC or God of War.

joab7771531d ago

I'm not for this but if they are gonna make it any easier (don't think they will as its much more popular than it was initially), please just have a hard and classic mode. Make one hard and the other like dark souls.

Enemy1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Miyazaki already confirmed there won't be an easy mode, or hard mode, or whatever. It'll have a set difficulty like previous Souls games.

How far you get depends on your skill, as it should be.

It remains to be seen if there will be something similar to Demon's Souls' white or black tendency. As much as we know about Bloodborne, we don't know enough, except that Miyazaki has directly stated difficulty remains the same.

UltraNova1531d ago

Considering the new gameplay mechanic where you gain health by taking it from your enemies when you strike them I seriously believe this game must be more difficult than Demons Souls was. This way you can no longer run from enemies because you will need to make them bleed in order to gain health and survive.

It sounds awesome and beyond masochistic I know!

If they gimp it (I doubt it)just to appeal to casuals then I wont buy it.

Tony-Red-Grave1531d ago

Personally all I want from bloodborne, and the weakest areas for souls game imo, is more,, ALOT MORE animations for bosses to deal with different builds. In Demons Souls tall the bosses telegraph their moves far too much. If telegraphing wasn't the problem it would be the lack of actual anti distance moves which made zoning easy. So after your first playthrough whatever plan you have used in NG would be fool proof no matter how far you go.

The same goes for DaS( and it's sequel ), but at least they had guys like gywn who rushes the player down and trades blows. So later in the game that rush down becomes alot more dangerous.

As for DaSII.... well just look at ancient dragon, the king, demon frog, etc

Magicite1531d ago

demon souls was hardest souls game and possibly hardest ps3 game.

sobotz1531d ago

Really, Soul series aren't THAT hard. People just need to understand the mechanic and looking for guide if it's necessary.

If it's too easy than it won't be rewarding, go play Dragon Age instead.

joab7771531d ago

It's never been about being hard. It's about having something in front of u that u must, through patience and diligence, overcome.

Yeah, if u r used to running and gunning through everything and facing no resistance, then it's hard.

NatureOfLogic_1531d ago

I don't play with a guide on my first playthrough like most people who claim It's easy. So It's always hard for me.

SpinalRemains1381528d ago

Its hard for them too. They just have the illness where they need to express that it wasn't hard for them.

I guarantee they died over 100 times first play through.

Hell, you die from falls alone about 30 times.

pecorre1531d ago

No, just no.

There are thousands of easy games, leave the hard one alone!

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DragonKnight1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"the general gaming community as well as critics agree that they are highly difficult games not meant for non-masochists."


"Making that pitch to a niche audience is not productive...."

Speaking as a member of the Souls community, I recently have watched it grow to the point where people started in the series with Dark Souls 2 and liked it so much they've bought Demon's Souls. I know this because I've been trolling the hell out of a lot of people who don't know what a Scraping Spear is. Why, last night I broke 5 weapons someone was carrying around with them. He got so mad that he told me, after insulting me several times, that he was deleting his current file and starting from scratch because he didn't want to farm 12,000 souls. So clearly, as someone who isn't part of the community, you have no idea what you're talking about. Plus, what's your justification for ruining the enjoyment of an established fanbase for a group of people like you who will quit at the first roadblock?

"It’s true, Demon’s Souls was an exclusive that sold a lot more copies than expected..."

Source? How do you know it was "forced" to do anything? There's a guy named Marcus, a.k.a EpicNameBro on Youtube that worked on the guide for Dark Souls 2. He said that the reason Demon's Souls, and the reason Bloodborne, are exclusive to PS systems was because of the expertise Sony's teams would bring in the development process. Expertise that could be used to build engines that would be used on future multiplatform games. There is no "forced." Dark Souls went multi because Sony owns Demon's Souls, but make no mistake that both Demon's Souls and Bloodborne would have been multi had FromSoft had the requisite experience on their own.

"More important than sales and console boosting, in my opinion, is the ability to simply not be a one trick pony...."

So your answer to not being a one trick pony is to make the same game, only easier? *nuclear facepalm* And then you say it's disingenuous and extortionate? *total nuclear facepalm* I can't even. Ugh.

"If you are going to go to the trouble of creating such a uniquely dark world then it might be best to let a few more people in to see it...."

Literally nothing is stopping them but themselves. The era of hand holding gamers needs to end. It's an attitude mirrored in education, and therefore life. "Oh, everyone's a winner", yeah only when the challenge is removed. No one improves if not given a reason to. There's a theory I once heard that states all things in the universe have a natural state they prefer to be in, and will make every attempt to return to that state if it, or they, are altered in any way. A lazy gamer not willing to improve will always be a lazy gamer not willing to improve. Games shouldn't have to suffer for gamers like that. Nor should a fanbase.

"Impressions of the game so far indicate that it will function similarly to those other games but won’t be quite as unforgiving...."

I say you don't get the games, and should probably avoid them instead of misrepresenting them.

Mega241531d ago

Your comment is so intelligent, I got no words... Only that the author is a big "female genitalia", who wants a game easier, I only play games on hard(or highest difficult), an easier playthrouh makes it boring for me, currently on my NG+++ for DS2, would keep going, but WoW got its grasp on me again.

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