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Amber writes: "Square Enix are well known for their plethora of excellent games, from Hitman to Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy to Deus Ex, they know how to excite their fans. Now the Square Enix family are dipping their feet into the mobile (Android and iOS) world of gaming with the release of Hitman GO, a game based around Agent 47 and his antics all in miniature form."

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Agent_hitman1556d ago

I love Hitman games. But I hope that SE and IO interactive will port some of the Hitman games to PS Vita and 3DS.. If they can make a Hitman game to iOS then I'm pretty sure that they could do it on portable gaming system as well.

CerealKiller1556d ago

Great game, I don't usually play mobile games but it was a great unique take on the series and they definitely put a lot of thought into designing it. I recommend it to any fans of the hitman series.