Ars Technica: Of vast intellect: hands on with Spore Creature Creator

Ars Technica writes: "Playing with Spore's Creature Creator this weekend was a little surreal. We've seen the feature demonstrated many times before, but actually getting some quality time to play at home was a welcome experience. Maxis and EA arranged for a variety of press and celebrities to take the creator for a spin this weekend, and we got our chance to submit a creature to the early Sporepedia.

The Creator itself, which will be hitting the public soon, is impressively flexible. All of the pieces you place on your creature have various manipulation points which you can click, drag, and turn to mold your digital putty into something unique. You can alter how many spinal columns it has, how many limbs it sports, whether it has eyes sticking out of its head or recessed into its body-the options really are pretty vast. Wings, beaks, claws, horns, and more are all available. The slick interface makes it easy to play around: you can click and drag almost everything, and little arrows act as intuitive direction points that you can manipulate to sculpt the creature and all its bits."

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