Top 5 Franchises We Want to See Next-Gen Sequels Of

As I was cleaning out my basement (no it is not fun, but you never know what kind of gems you’ll find), I came across a bunch of old Playstation, Xbox, and PC games that I must have stashed away to make room for newer games. Looking at their covers, I got a strong feeling of nostalgia.

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oSHINSAo1562d ago

Jet Force Gemini, Please

Ocsta1562d ago

Fallout MOTHA****ING 4. That is all.

ScorpiusX1562d ago

I would love to see all MS Owned IP brought to Xbox one and only the one . That would be sweet.

1562d ago
Lucreto1562d ago

The lack of Suikoden on that list saddens me.

UnderpaidTurtle1562d ago

I tried to only use franchises that I have played in the past. I'm guessing that you recommend Suikoden?

Also, I was going to place a new Chrono game on the list, but I read a couple of reports that state it may be in the works. So, I also tried to stick to games that aren't being discussed for sequels.

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