H1Z1 Gameplay Video At Skewed and Reviewed

As part of their PAX Prime 2014 coverage, Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed played H1Z1 and was greeted with dated graphics and a lack of Zombies.

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Enemy1529d ago

This build looks much better than the last one they had. Very nice.

Garethvk1529d ago

That is true. While the graphics are dated it did look and run better. We noted a lack of Zombies but I think that is the plan a if they were all over like Dead Rising 3 it would defeat the purpose of the game as it is survival game first.

mafiahajeri1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Yeah, environments look more realistic, were you able to shoot a gun? how did it feel? Also when you run there is no camera sway which in turn gives you the feeling that your spectating and not really playing.

There losing a lot of immersion with no camera sway...

My main gripes with the graphics are that it look kind of saturated needs more colour, and that the characters looks cartoony.

1nsomniac1529d ago

It looks much better, they need to get some V-Sync on there though that screen tearing looked awful.

XtraTrstrL1529d ago

I just wish the texture quality could be upped slightly. Whenever they go up to a car, it's really rough on the eyes.

Garethvk1529d ago

So true. I asked Joseph who was playing in the video to log in and comment as he can better address the gameplay questions.

Garethvk1529d ago

PC with PS 4 rumored like Planetside 2. More than likely as it is one more exclusive they can offer.

Garethvk1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

We were at Gamescom they were not as I understand it. Sony said likely but cannot confirm at this time.

DVS-Zev1528d ago

Planetside 2 and H1Z1 are both announced for PS4.
Why are you saying "Rumored" and "likely"? lol

mojoGAMES1528d ago

So... that is me playing in the video. The controls felt great, and it was responsive (for what it was). I really was not impressed with the visuals. As 1nsomniac said, the V-Sync is definitely needed. But as I was playing, the quality of the graphics was reminiscent of the first Max Payne game.

Don't get me wrong, I know there is still more work to be done on this game, but there were some glaringly missing things. Especially for a game they were allowing people to play. Very few zombies, and when I did come across them they were pretty much non-responsive. You see in the video that when I approached them, they kind of just stood there. And unfortunately, I could not find any firearms during my session.

Garethvk1528d ago

They need crafting like Dead Rising and vehicles. If it is open world it should have all of this stuff.