PS4 Goes All Glacier White On Destiny's Big Launch Tonight

PlayStation are kicking off the launch of Destiny and the upcoming holiday season of AAA games with some amazing new accessories, guaranteed to make you the envy of all your friends.

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danniellelewis1478d ago

I hope the destiny app update launch before the actual game tomorrow. Can't wait to hear Destiny on the Gold Wireless.

alvinmiller921478d ago

Would be great if this Destiny update app works with the pulse headset.

elazz1478d ago

It's the same app so I guess it will work as well.

macethedon1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Frankskint1478d ago

The Glacier White headphones looks pretty clean, good luck trying to keep it that way for long.

edwardhuff6631478d ago

Awesome! I can't wait, been watching streams of Destiny on Twitch all day, just want to get on and join them. I have the black gold headset. Looking forward to hearing the gunshots, music and more in full surround. Hype level at a 1000

Boody-Bandit1478d ago

It's called soap.
I have had a ton of white products over the years and they are all still white. I clean all of my controllers at least once a month if not more with rubbing alcohol.

Elimin81478d ago

honestly, I like to keep it "whites" clean but it still looks awesome with the natural wear n tear!

morganfell1478d ago

My head is clean and I do not have kids. I have had mine for almost a week and they are not showing any signs of being less than pristine.

bigboss19901478d ago

Got my white one tomorrow lol

amyortega1311478d ago

Pre-ordered my white controller from amazon, hopefully it should be here some times this week.

Einhert1478d ago

It looks pretty

But not £350 + £40 to play destiny online pretty.

ginalee5541478d ago

Haha. Guess when I convert your money into dollars, it does sound extortionately high.

qwerty6761478d ago

i actually saw the unboxing of this on ign.

the white they used actually looks pretty ugly.

was not a fan.

EdnaJones971478d ago

White isn't really a color i would have gone with, sure it looks nice unboxing but after a few weeks, or months, it will be a different story.

ArronNelson1478d ago

White is such a great looking color and a real focal point in the living room or bedroom, you just have to keep it pristine.

qwerty6761478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

i agree but theres many different shades and variety's of whites

the one sony used just made the console look ugly, kind of just like a dull white and a cheap piece of plastic.

Volkama1478d ago

Personally I do not want "a real focal point" visible near my TV. The TV is the focal point, anything else that catches my eye is an annoying distraction.

But that's OK. I hear there is a black version available, so each to his own!

kneon1478d ago

I've never liked white for electronics. The only white electronics I own are a psp go and vita, and thats only because that's all there was.

jspsc1231478d ago

white is nice its just not common for the rest of your gear. there are some real nice white a/v setups.

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brettjones4941478d ago

Totally agree, it didn't look as polished as seen in the pictures, but if i didn't already have a console, i would probably get this version just because.

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The story is too old to be commented.