FIFA 15 PC Requirements Revealed - 64bit Only, Requires Quad-Core CPU, Recommends 8GB RAM

Electronic Arts has revealed the PC system requirements for FIFA 15.

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Locknuts1532d ago

Now THAT's what I call unoptimised!

sorane1532d ago

Requiring a PC that over 6 years old is what you call unoptimised?

Th3o1532d ago

6 years? Even as a joke that makes no sense. It was just recent that PCs got the 8 GB standard and Quad core.

6 Years ago the first i7 came out and not long before that the first intel/Amd Quad core (duo and phenom X4).

Also I had 6 GB in my gaming maching up until 2 months ago.

No PC game needs more than 4 GB of ram. Not evne Crysis 3, BF 4 or the super unoptimized crap out even now...other than Call of duty Ghosts which needed ridiculous requirments (which was fixed).

Even then the game ran like crap.

Also 64 is still NOT required by most developer properly takes advantage of the architecture anyways...most of the time when you install games they end up being installed as 32 bit processes.


On topic...most likely this is a straight console port. Which makes me wonder if people with threads have an advantage here (which basically means 4 core + 4 threads is like 8 cores but not really...just means 2 executions per core).

sorane1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Sounds like you didn't read the requirements since it only takes a 6 year old PC to run the game. It doesn't take 8gb to run the game it only takes 4gb. So of course my statement stands.

"6 years? Even as a joke that makes no sense."

Maybe if you actually read articles instead of just reading the article titles and commenting it'd make more sense to you. Being n4g though I can't say I'm surprised.

Th3o1532d ago


We're not speaking about minimal requirements which in some games they consider minimal requirements even less than 30 fps and tearing.

The user's comment is still 100% valid, the game is unoptimized.

It's Fifa, it's not like their are explosions or massive destruction calculations or insane effects....

It's a field with players and audience. I see no reason why this game can't look good, play great and run on less demanding hardware.

I'm 100% sure at minimum requirements no1 will enjoy the game play of this game.

sorane1531d ago

How do any of you know how it runs on lesser hardware? You all seem to be talking out your a#& about things you have no clue about. I've seen no proof that the game is unoptimized at all. Ever game "recommends" stuff like 8gb these days, but it doesn't mean it needs those requirements to run well. My comment is 100%(I can use 100% also) valid still. It's a sports game which, like every other spots game before it, will probably run great on all sorts of hardware.

"I'm 100% sure at minimum requirements no1 will enjoy the game play of this game."

You are 100% clueless and talking about things you have no idea about.

sorane1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Well looks like I was 100% right about all this. Tested the demo last night on my 6+ year old backup PC and it ran a smooth 100+ fps at 1080p. So much for this game being "unoptimized" as you guys swore it was. Next time maybe have an idea of what you're talking about before posting your nonsense.

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gamernova1532d ago

Lets not forget that those are not the minimum settings. Recommended settings tend to be overkill with games like FIFA. So before we say anything, lets enjoy the demo tomorrow and see what it really needs. I think that EA set this game on the same route as Activision did for CoD: Ghost meaning that it doesn't really need that RAM but recent PC games are helping push the 64 bit standard.

WheatBread1532d ago

Never trust PC requirements because they're inaccurate most of the time.

Th3o1532d ago

Never trust some developers;)

boneso821532d ago

I for one am looking forward to a proper FIFA game on PC, instead of the "old-gen" console port we got last year.

No problem with the system requirements, nothing that most PC gamers shouldn't be able to handle comfortably.