Andrew Wilson of EA: 'We never want to be worst US company again'

The Guardian: The giant video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is not universally loved – if you play games or talk about them on the internet, you may have noticed. Despite releasing some of the most successful games of the last 20 years (Fifa, Battlefield, Need For Speed, Mass Effect) the company has plenty of detractors. Why?

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Godmars2901498d ago

Well, considering that when you got the "award" you neither seemed to understand why you got during much less well after, the chances of you getting it again are rather high. Just a matter of wait and see.

nX1498d ago

They certainly won the last few years of "Worst company in gaming", but worst company overall surprised even me. I hope they win this award every year until they become a fair, consumer-friendly publisher again who focuses on quality rather than money-chasing.

Godmars2901498d ago

They'll likely close their doors before they realize their mistake and become "consumer friendly".

URNightmare1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Yeah, EA and MS make a nice couple, hence their love relationship this gen. MS seems to be changing things a bit and going for that consumer-friendly approach but it will take a few years for them to convince me. I still see that MS arrogance in some of the interviews and moves like the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity deal speak volumes! That interview to Phil Spencer about the deal showed the arrogant suit pretending to look like a consumer friendly gamer.

Dee_911498d ago

With the sims 4 that they just released its pretty clear they learned nothing.They made this game to milk the hell out of expansion packs and stuff packs.With the amount of content, features or removal of features I should say, this game should be sold for $30, not $60.. then they got the nerve to sale a "premium edition" for $80 with some crappy clothes and a few furniture pieces..
Its overall a dumbed down version of sim 2 and 3 with very few new features and abilities.

UltraNova1498d ago

Yeah and cure world hunger while they are at it!

Its good to dream...

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badz1491498d ago

Never again? LOL and you guys just released Sims 4!

Sayburr1498d ago

...and a nerfed NHL game...

700p1498d ago

well tbh, nobody has a true reason why they dislike the company itself. You should be mad at the developers if the game is so bad. EA funds it. Thats it.

diesoft1498d ago

Incorrent. Their decision to try the "project ten dollar" scheme (you know, the one where they tried to bilk consumers if they dared play multiplayer with a used copy but have since decided to stop this as even they saw this was causing too much negativity towards them) is one of many decisions that helped build an extremely negative opinion of their business practices and their image overall.

As far as "if the game is so bad", since none of us are there or have any behind-the-scenes knowledge, can we really say it was purely the developer's fault? The one who writes the paychecks has a lot of power over what, how, and when a game is shipped.

Baka-akaB1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Since any stellar studios ends up somehow in a controversity or any kind of issue with their games , once EA purchase or publish them , the most likely to get blamed is EA . And in most cases rightfully so .

I'm still getting games like DA3 from them this year , but they deserve the rep thus far

aLucidMind1498d ago

The publisher decides how much funding a game gets and sets the release date, not the developer. Mass Effect 3 was a star example; it was very obviously rushed with how poor the narrative was and the lack of polish it had in comparison to ME2. Battlefield 3 is another example.

pompombrum1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I've got a whole bunch of true reasons as to why I dislike the company goes.. Bullfrog, Pandemic, Westwood Studios, Mythic, Criterion, Maxis, Bioware (soon to be) etc etc

Dee_911498d ago

EA are both publishers and developers..

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aLucidMind1498d ago

Not to mention their reaction both times being "screw you all, you're idiots for voting us as the worst". Not only are they ignorant as to why, but are belligerent towards the consumer when they speak against them. Then again, that kind of explains why IGN comes out of the woodwork to put down any naysayers of EA games.

Magicite1498d ago

not sure about worst US company, but worst gaming company: guaranteed.

DemonChicken1497d ago

Yes dee_91!!!

Was thinking the same with sims 4, expecting some screwup one way or another with dragon age and ME

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tigertron1498d ago

Then sort yourself out.

BitbyDeath1498d ago

Then why is Sims 4 a huge money grab?

Kevlar0091498d ago

Sims 4 immediately jumped into my mind when I read the title. The last two years they've done nothing but give shallow apologies and false promises. They'll do whatever it takes to make a profit and keep people blind to the truth behind their gaming practices.

aliengmr1498d ago

Because in their mind gamers love DLC so much they would rather buy a game piecemeal instead of having anything resembling a full game up front.

They see the financials, see that DLC is making a boat load of cash, and draw from that gamers prefer DLC.

They see only money, games are just a product.

CloudRap1498d ago

Battlefront 3 is make it or break it for EA.

Chrischi19881498d ago

Make it for Wii U and you cannot break it xD

CloudRap1498d ago

LOL at the disagrees so what you're gonna be fine with it if they F#$% up like they did with BF4?

annoyedgamer1498d ago

Yes you do. The Sims 4 shows that you want it more than ever.

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