What is the next generation of gaming?

We ask the question of our staff, What is the definition of next generation gaming?

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strangeaeon1558d ago

Very brief or no loading screens, looking your way Destiny.

XBLSkull1558d ago

Unified experience. Only one place to get it too.

crazysammy1558d ago

One could argue that the only real innovations in gaming over the last two decades has been graphic quality and presentation. I am waiting for a true next generation of game play. What will it be? Could it be the VR movement? Probably not but I hope that leads to the next big change in how we not only play games, but how the games are made for us.

Fizzler1557d ago

It is the generation of gaming after this one.

nevin11557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Games that are impossible on the previous gen.

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chrissx1557d ago

Driveclub, the order 1886 and uncharted 4 are some examples of next gen gaming

ape0071557d ago

how the hell you're having dislikes???

user56695101557d ago

better gfx = next gen. thanks somehow i knew this would be most of n4g user post to answer this question. it kinda make you think about things. when you look at it the only next gen system is wiiU and thats because it screen is used for gameplay purposes and the last gen didnt have it. the others.... oh i could just turn down the gfx but hey, lets tell them we cant do it to make them feel better.

BattleAxe1557d ago

@ chrissx

How were Driveclub, The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4? How long did it take you to beat them?

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The story is too old to be commented.