The Wii Will Be This Christmas's Hottest Item For The Third Year In A Row

The Nintendo Wii is a true oddity when it comes to video game consoles. It's the only system in history that managed to reach true mass appeal with gamers ranging in age from eight to eighty. The big draw? Innovative motion controls and a refined user friendly interface making games more accessible to the masses.

Many self proclaimed hardcore video gamers were instantly thrown off by Nintendo's new strategy, and even professional marketing analysts began to choose sides on which system would win the ensuing console war.

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etownone3837d ago

sad but true.

i was stupid enough to buy one last year, and only play it if guests come over and want to try it. its a fun party console.

plus, they could easily do a price drop for even more momentum.

avacadosnorkel3837d ago

little Johnny doesn't want to be the only kid without one

deeznuts3836d ago

My nephews like my PS3 a lot more than the Wii. They have both and so do I. They're 5 and 7. When I babysit them, they ask to play the playstation.

Not saying one way or the other, that's just how it is with my nephews. The wii was donated by my GF since she doesn't have time for it. Didn't think I would enjoy SMG and fought against it for bit, but it's kinda fun.