Danganronpa: The Anatomy of Ultimate Despair

Gaming Trend takes a deep dive into the world of the Danganronpa series, analyzing the series' primary villain's motivations and how they influence the rest of the game's cast. Spoilers ahead!

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Knightshade1530d ago

I saw the imagery on this one and kinda dismissed it. This is so very, very much darker than I thought it was. Thanks for the deep dive!

rextraordinaire1530d ago

Yeah that series goes to some messed up places. It's that much more effective with the happy, colorful visuals.

Knightshade1530d ago

Yea, it creates an interesting juxtaposition with the dark material and the far-too-happy visuals. This is one of those 'book by its cover' kinda things.

pwnsause_returns1530d ago

getting my vita's battery soon as it happens, im gonna get the first game.p

TongkatAli1530d ago

His power level is over 9000!

Ridah1530d ago

This game looks ca-razy! Great article.

rextraordinaire1530d ago

It's a must play on Vita. Even if you're not into visual novels. This series is something special!