NBA 2K15 PlayStation Exclusive Content Revealed in New Video

GoodGameBro writes, "2K Sports released a new NBA 2K15 video featuring Shaquille O’Neal and Ernie Johnson. The video includes footage of Shaq playing for the Orlando Magic against Patrick Ewing and the New York Knicks. After the video concluded, PlayStation exclusive content for NBA 2K15 was revealed for the first time."

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98xpresent1497d ago

It's seem like PC never gets exclusive content .

VanguardOfCalamity1497d ago

I can see the box label now...

Exclusive to PC "NOW with day 1 Poor Optimization" and with the season pass you'll be sitting pretty as you wait months for updates for crashes and bugs...

ohhhh... I can't staty mad at you... come over here PC I love you

ScorpiusX1497d ago

If they are playing the tool role at 2k. Games them am getting NBA live instead.

JWiLL5521497d ago

You'll really show them by buying an inferior game!

This whole mindset is hilarious to begin with. I see a bunch of people who aren't happy with certain aspects of 2k saying they're going to go to Live...although they haven't released a playable game in 5 years.

Just doesn't make sense.

ScorpiusX1497d ago

The fact they don't get my money is fine , worst case could still buy it used and still win .ha ha

PeaSFor1497d ago

by getting NBAlive is an automatic lose btw.

Aces171497d ago

I just don't get why either company would pay for this type of stuff. Nobody is making decisions on what console to buy or whether or not to a game based on things like this. It's a complete waist.

JWiLL5521497d ago

The lead developer at 2k made some comments last year about how much he and his team preferred the PS4.

Just seems like an internal decision...and one that coincides well with the current console market.

Kevin263851497d ago

Any guesses to what "The Stage" is in NBA 2K15? It says, "Dominate on The Stage for higher stakes."

My guess is The Stage is an addition to The Park where you can enter a tournament to earn more VC. Any other ideas?

iNFAMOUZ11497d ago

This exclusive stuff needs to stop

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