Update 1.0.1 - Destiny Patch Notes


We used to build games that were pressed on discs, shipped to retailers, bought by consumers and then, in the months and years that followed, we'd support them the best we could. We updated playlists, made tuning changes, and developed new multiplayer maps.

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Just bought a copy at mid night launch but can't install it on 360 it gets to 50% goes back to 0% with only 1.7 GB left then just stays at 0% until my system just freezes. I'm not the only one either friend of mine can't install either. What the hell is wrong ? How to fix? And why the fuck would they let this happen they talked up this game so Much and now I can't even fucking install it. Why and when the fuck is this gonna get fixed I'm pissed anyone got an insight just wanna play the game.