'Where's the Android version?!' Why some studios fear porting premium iOS games to Google Play

The most common comment on Pocket Gamer is some variation on "is it coming to Android?".

However it's phrased, you can almost hear the anguished plea behind each one. While developers shower iOS gamers with lavish premium titles, Android users are often left feeling short-changed.

But why? Android is more popular than iOS as a mobile operating system, so sidelining the former group seems like commercial madness.

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mochachino1529d ago

Rampant piracy I wold imagine.

Soupaman661529d ago

People pirate ios apps as well.

mochachino1529d ago

True, but no where near the level of android. Its so easy on droid.

slasaru011529d ago

Ios users are not so skilled

jmac531529d ago

It's fragmentation. It's easy on ios because all phones and tablets have mostly the same specs, screen size and resolution.

Soupaman661529d ago

Dont Know how much easier it is. For ios, you jailbreak it, which is literally a push of 1 button, install appsync And download an ipa from the computer to transfer to the device via itunes or use an app that downloads and installs for you like appcake.

Viper71529d ago

Not really, many of mobile games are f2p games, so piracy is actually preferred.
What makes android difficult platform to develop on is all sorts of device fragmentation.

Especially screen resolution and dimension can be a huge hindrance when developing user interface and you want it to look good on all devices. Sure you could create custom ui for all devices, but then updating the game on all platforms would take tremendous amount of work. Not to mention how some devices have piss poor resolution or screen-size.

Then there's the fact that there are plenty of studios there that are NOT using 3rd party game engine like Unity. For whatever reason that may be, it's one of the things that will make porting game to a certain platform a lot more time consuming -> expensive.

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bjmartynhak1529d ago

Well, I bought the Rayman games for Android. Pretty awesome, wish there were more of the same quality.