Sadness and Solitude approved for Wii U

Hullbreach Studios have announced trough their Twitter account that Sadness and Solitude has been approved for a Wii U release. The game was meant to be a 2d revival of the cancelled Sadness title for Wii, but due to not owning the IP, the developer had to rename their project to avoid legal problems.

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mrbojingles1190d ago

That means its no longer in the bidding for biggest vapourware. That much alone is worth congratulating.

BosSSyndrome1190d ago

Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is vaporware?

Concertoine1190d ago

Basically a term synonymous with development hell.

Its announced, but it misses release dates and people question whether or not its still being made. Duke Nukem Forever was long thought to be vaporware, as was this game, The Last Guardian at times and Half Life 3, etc

Summons751190d ago

Give me gameplay and something to be excited for...WiiU gameplay not a stupid lazy twit, I mean tweet

superchiller1190d ago

Sadness and Solitude are great descriptors for the Wii U.

marloc_x1190d ago

I swore that sentence would finish with Vita..