In a Flood of Boring Game Releases, Destiny is Incredibly Special

Destiny has managed to make me a believer in a genre I lost interest in a long time ago.

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Ashunderfire861498d ago

Well the summer time has always been a drought for games, and boring releases. The fall and spring is where it's at for gaming. Dying Light, Witcher 3, and The Order 1886 for me in February.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

i would say the same about Halo back in the day... in the Flood of boring releases Halo camee...

this game wll be amazing and i hate sci fi shooters and Boarderlands but for some reason i like this one lol

XBLSkull1498d ago

Yeah if the author thinks Destiny is incredibly special, he should definitely pick up the Master Chief Collection, he'd be blown away.

700p1498d ago

This game is boring too.

TRD4L1fe1498d ago

of course you two would be against anything amazing

qwerty6761498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

except early access users are also saying its boring.

SCW19821498d ago

I played Alpha and Betta for about 35 hours and I am not dissappointed one bit.

qwerty6761498d ago

oh im sure there is

im just saying a lot of people streaming aren't to thrilled about it.

Deividas1498d ago

Yea Ive been watching the streams all day and man, SO repetitive its crazy...I figured it would get better by release but i guess not. Played the Beta and it was the same then.

bigrook1498d ago

YES, thank you. Every video looks the same, and the videos regarding VENUS look ok but surprise the enemies look the same and the AI is lame. Magic in Space is not enough to make me buy it...

mrdeli1498d ago

Everybody says Destiny is Borderlands without loot.

Battlefieldlover1498d ago

What? I played the beta and there was plunty of loot... What?

porkChop1498d ago

There's loot, but far less loot like weapons than you'd expect from a modern RPG. The loot is almost always just ammo, that's not what people think of when they talk about proper loot.

Battlefieldlover1498d ago

So it has loot... but dosn't have loot?...? yup, got it guys. Stores, special missions, raids. Tons of "loot" along the journy, a few good ones after completeing. Yup, no loot.

Go with "this game has different avenues to my loot that i don't like". That i would understand better then an over dramatic "no loot".

porkChop1498d ago

Getting rewards from quests is not really the same thing as loot, which is picking up the useable/sellable items from the corpses of the enemies you kill. In Destiny that almost always results in nothing but an ammo drop. I played both the Alpha and the Beta and in both I got real, proper loot from corpses only a handful of times.

user56695101498d ago

but borderlands loot was mostly useless. most of the time i keep the most useful and gun i was gearing up. borderlands is another overhyped game because their wasnt that many coop games. it was ok, the characters made it good but the total package was average. shooting people for 10 mins is rediculous and most of the guns i left where i founded them. it was fun with friends. theyre better off making the next one only and coop only and charging like $30 for i dont see how people hype it up when the got orange box for the same price. even f2p mmo get the job more than it. what to chose borderlands or ps2. borderlands or warhawk. borderlands or l4d. borderlands or etc..

cfc781498d ago

As far as boring game releases go Destiny is number 1 the repetetive game play would put an insomniac to sleep,I guess by friday we'll know the truth.

Saito1498d ago

I fell asleep 29 mins in.

TRD4L1fe1498d ago

I feel sorry for the guys who wont be playing this. THE BEST GAME THIS YEAR and you wanna seat behind your console with nothing special to play

bigrook1498d ago

Hmmm, I read a lot of hype but see very little variation in gameplay (mostly players stuck in the same spot for 30 mins killing the same creatures) The boss fights look HORRIBLE...who wants to fight a SPHERE ???? The writing is inspiring but the images and videos look dull....

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