NHL 15: Top 5 Teams to Use

GoodGameBro writes, "In EA SPORTS NHL 15, the National Hockey League is the premier competitive league available to play in. Each of the 30 franchises are rated in Offense, Defense, and Goalie, and here at we’ve created an Overall rating which is an average of those three rating numbers to determine the best and worst teams in this year’s game."

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JeffGUNZ1555d ago

It doesn't matter. You can be the Rangers and play the lowest ranked team in the NHL and still feel like you're playing the Kings. Unrealistic CPU offense and tic-tac-toe passing to a one time for EVERY team. Good ol' EA to tilt the ice to try and make every game competitive. If I play the Sabres, I should expect a lesser challenge then the Kings. EA, thanks for ruining my expectations!

iistuii1555d ago

My most annoying thing in all the NHL games, not just this one is conceding a goal in the last minute of the period, any period. It's as if the CPU get a massive boost in that time. I do still enjoy the new game, but that has pissed me off for years now.

JeffGUNZ1555d ago

This happens so many times. I lost the first two games of my season with them scoring 3 goals in the third, the 3rd being 1.5 seconds left in the game without the goalie pulled. No matter what I did, couldn't touch them. Overtime, forget it. Scored within 20 seconds. I literally just laughed, deleted the 6 hour trial an hour left, and went back to other games. You think they would fix this nonsense.

danthegamerfiend1555d ago

hahaha im with on that and my friends included. We call it the "EA Equalizer"

DefenderOfDoom21555d ago

i just wish the "goodgamebro" site could been seen on my PS3! Please make that happen . Funny thing is EA HOCKEY is not any other platforms except consoles.

Highlife1555d ago

Bad list. Maybe one team from the east should be on the list and it shouldn't be the rangers. The west is so much better. Kings Hawks St Louis Ducks Boston

Wikkid6661555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Does it have a option of playing a full season? If so, where is it located? I haven't been able to find it.