Destiny midnight launch party taking place at your local Microsoft Store, special gift bag offered

Winbeta :

"One of the next hottest titles to make their way onto the Xbox One entertainment console is Destiny from Bungie. Destiny is an intriguing-looking title which has stirred up a great deal of interest. From the same stables as Halo, this is a cinematic, action-packed adventure with a variety of gameplay modes.

Destiny is set to launch tonight and Microsoft Stores across the nation are hosting a midnight launch party, offering up free swag for those of you who attend early enough. "Join us on Monday, September 8th at 10 pm for the Destiny Midnight Launch party at your local Microsoft Store. There will be gift bags, giveaways, snacks and in-store game play! Plus you can get your copy of Destiny when the game launches at midnight on 9/9," Microsoft stated."

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Webbyy1559d ago

cool. is Sony doing something like this too guys?

chikane1559d ago Show
ScorpiusX1558d ago

Why is there an old article still up and talking about events that have happened.

Foehammer1558d ago

A party with free gifts, what's not to like.