Tezuka hopes that Mario Maker will “stimulate the imagination”

Nintendo Insider writes:

Mario Maker will place course editing tools at your fingertips next year, and producer Takashi Tezuka has shared his hope that it will “stimulate the imagination” of those preparing to create their own Mushroom Kingdom assault courses.

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ChickeyCantor1532d ago

Im very happy Nintendo is finally doing something like this. But they really pretend it's the new era for this kind of stuf...ugh

Sly-Lupin1532d ago

They are literally living 20 years in the past.

Nevers0ft1532d ago

You literally don't know the definition of the word "literally"

Sly-Lupin1531d ago

And you have no understanding of hyperbole.

Nevers0ft1531d ago

So it's a literal, hyperbolic statement? Well done *golf clap*

Sly-Lupin1530d ago

Are you pretending to be stupid? It was obviously a hyperbolic statement. Only a moron of the very highest caliber would think it was meant literally.

Nevers0ft1528d ago

Thank you for your kind words, at least in your esteemed opinion, I'm a moron of the highest calibre. I humbly apologise for interpreting your use of the the word "literally" to be literal. If you would kindly provide a Sly-Lupin approved Thesaurus with the rest of your posts then hopefully other readers of N4G will be able to interpret them correctly instead of them reading like the childish ramblings of an insecure troll.

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