Peter Dinklage’s Voice Acting Finally Improved in Destiny

One aspect of Destiny that equally frustrated and enthralled gamers through out the game’s development cycle was Peter Dinklage’s infamous voice acting. After months of waiting, the final game is out – and Peter’s voice acting has noticeably improved.

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BillmadeAGate1557d ago

Thank The Old God's & The New.

-Foxtrot1557d ago

You would of thought Bungie would of given us a video to show this since it was a big complaint.

lashes2ashes1557d ago

The voice is the same as it was in the beta. All they did was add a slight robotic voice effect.

aconnellan1557d ago

Some of the lines have been re-recorded to have more variation in their delivery - it's subtle, but compared to the Beta it's noticeable in some areas

-Foxtrot1557d ago

Have they actually said themselves that Peter came in to record lines because I've heard nothing on it. Again Bungie would make a big deal over it since it was a complaints, they would of noted several times that they got Peter back to do lines.

I hope sites aren't exaggerating this...I'm sorry it's just after the whole GamerGate thing with journalism I'm getting paranoid.

FamilyGuy1557d ago

"That Wizard came from the Moon!" Can not be unheard. I don't care how they tweaked the sound of it. lol

Sp1tfireXM1557d ago

His voice has improved in many spots since the beta, the robotic sound was always there. Dinklage's voice acting is much less robotic now

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aconnellan1557d ago

Bungie said that his lines would be updated twice before launch (once before the final release), so I'd take that as their confirmation.

As for your second point, you're right, it's hard to trust these days. I personally felt a huge difference the moment he started speaking, and did a quick search around. Sure enough, I found that they wanted to update his voice acting again before launch

Einhert1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Watching on twitch now, he sounds really enthralled when he speaks....

This is nothing compared to 343 Guilty Spark.

GuruStarr781557d ago

installing now on my 360... we'll see in a little bit..

Ocsta1557d ago

So weird, Dinklage is a fantastic actor.


He is a very good actor, but in my opinion it does not seem like he has been given the most creative script.

I mean I don't have inside info or anything. I don't know how much creative freedom he had with his lines.

My problem was not just the "dry" tone of the voice acting, but the lines themselves were about as dry, cliche, predictably boring.

If the script is bad I think there is only so much they can do with it.

Honestly I don't even think the issue was just Dinklage, listen to some of other charters.. they call kind of sound flat and dry.

I am not hating or anything, I actually enjoyed playing it a lot, but honestly those issues stood out to me.

Muadiib1557d ago

He's a good actor but he's not a voice actor, different skill sets are needed, Bungie should know better really after using actual voice actors in Halo games, they used a non voice actress for keyes daughter and it was awful.

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