Alien Isolation: Alternate Map Hands On At Skewed and Reviewed

While covering PAX Prim 2014, Gareth a Skwed and Reviewed got some more time with Alien Isolation. This time he played on a map that was different than previous maps he had prviewed an he made much further progress.

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Kingdomcome2471528d ago

I'm very much looking forward to this game. I think Creative Assembly has a good shot at redeeming the Alien license. This comes out on my birthday, which just so happens to be a huge day for game releases this year. Happy birthday to me.

Garethvk1528d ago

The three times I have played it have been good. I saw the darn exit and was so close. Word of note, wrench does not beat Alien it only pisses it off. Same for Flamethrower, explosives, and noise makers.

Kingdomcome2471528d ago

Lol, your advice has been heeded. No provoking the xenomorph. I can't wait for the tense gameplay. I'd love a shot with the Oculus demo of this.

Akuma2K1528d ago


So the wrench, flamethrower, explosives and noise makers will piss off the xenomorph huh ?

Maybe some one on one counseling or cookies and milk can help us gamers become friends with the

Can't wait to play this game, gonna be exciting to have 2 survival horror games on the same day to play (this and Evil Within).

Garethvk1528d ago

It does seem to have anger issues. It takes one look at you and charges over screaming and hissing. I know look is somewhat of a metephaor for how it senses but lets say its not one to act afraid as it stalks you.

Akuma2K1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I'm so glad the game developers at Creative Assembly made the Alien's patrol route on how to find you random and unscripted so every time you play the experience will be different, this will make the replay factor go thru the roof 100x over and give you countless hours of play for survival.