Bioware Strikes Back With Dragon Age: Inquisition

Learn how Bioware plans to win back the hearts of its fans, starting with the hugely promising Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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kaiserfranz1502d ago

I can't wait for this game to be released, it will be a nice way to wait for The Witcher 3.

Myst-Vearn1501d ago

This game will be 10x better than overrated Witches game.

annoyedgamer1501d ago

HA! Not in a million years.

shammgod1501d ago

if you like dark/demons souls, check out lords of the fallen during the wait for Witcher 3. I will be getting dragon age and lords of the fallen for the winter leading up to bloodborne and witcher 3

vlashyr1501d ago

I really hope so. It was sad to see the decline of Bioware...

TheUltimateGamer1501d ago

I can't imagine a company like Bioware not bouncing back. They've got way too much talent to just go quietly.

700p1501d ago

i havnt seen the decline. Mass effect 3 was great despite the ending. Dragon age 2 was a solid game and more fun than dragon age origins.

diesoft1501d ago

Did you just say that Dragon Age 2 was BETTER than Origins?

Is there another Dragon Age 2 that I'm not aware of? The one I played was definitely not as good as the first one so you must have played another game.

Roccetarius1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

The Bioware strikes back..sounds like a bad Star Wars line. :P

Obviously, they're not going to win much back.

DillyDilly1501d ago

Getting rid of that one moron will help Bioware

GuruStarr781501d ago

I thought dragon age 2 had a lot o potential, even though 1 was light years better... hopefully inquisition will take the good parts of both games and bring enough new to the table.

CBaoth1501d ago

agreed. The biggest problem with Dragon Age 2 was the 2 at the end. Of course I'm alluding to EA's incessant meddling.

The 2 should've been dropped, the game re-named DA: Kirkwall and positioned as a stand alone expansion ($39.99). If that had happened, media sites might be hyping DA: Inquisition like Destiny right now.

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