GTA V: Youtube Ban Sexual Content But Allows Torture And Murder

If you are a video game publisher on Youtube, you may be surprised next time you log into the video networking site to discover a strike or ban notification for uploading sexual related content from GTA V.

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ginalee5541532d ago

I saw this coming the moment Google got their grubby paws on youtube.

edwardhuff6631532d ago

Thats why i stopped uploading on there. Too many red tape for my liking.

PeaSFor1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

thats USA medias in a nutshell, show violence, torture, murders....BUT DONT YOU DARE TO SHOW A NIPPLE OR SAY THE WORD "FUCK", such a painfully dumb way to think.

brettjones4941532d ago

The irony of it, when you actually think how twisted that actually is.

Septic1532d ago

I get what you're saying but who here would honestly rather their kids watch sex scenes than experience the torture or violent scenes from GTA?

Hmmm I dunno...I would pick the the latter two. Weird I know. Maybe its the way I've been brought up. *shrugs*

Dee_911532d ago

yup the act of sex is more taboo than killing other people..I don't know, maybe its because of the nature of humans.. we always had to kill each other to survive.. but we also need sex to actually live. I could see how over time sex became more taboo.But its kind of hard to explain..I would rather my kids see neither sex nor murder in video games and I would feel equally the same if he or she seen either.

Th4Freak1532d ago

Thats quite dumb i'd say, we all know that find pornography on internet is easier to find than a lemon cookies recipe so if you really think that kids haven't watched porn you're delusional.

With this i'm not saying that Youtube should allow pornography but they should allow soft scenes with the age restriction system they're currently using.

It's really nonsense to ban something natural like sex and not murder and torture but what can I say the Western culture is weird.

amyortega1311532d ago

GTA V has always been one of those overly violent games, i don't actually like it and feel like it does glorify the act of committing crimes.

Frankskint1532d ago

That's bull, games are games and people with enough sense should be able to differentiate between the two. Playing gta v, shouldn't inspire someone to go do what they see in real life, or they would need to see a shrink asap.

I love GTA 5, can't wait for it to come to the PS4, but i won't be uploading any of my videos on youtube anymore, cause there is clearly some double standards going on.

Dee_911532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Thats true but I don't think glorifying the acts means to do the acts.Back in the day when I played GTA I had no problem just mowing down pedestrians it was just funny at the time but now that it seems so real and all of the horrible stuff I have seen thanks mostly to the internet, its hard for me to kill pedestrians.Because I still have those images in my head.Of course I know its fake but it also bring back images.
I don't think GTA or games for that matter should change one bit but its something over time I have to get used to now that I am more self conscious and aware of what I am doing in those video games.

alvinmiller921532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

This is why I am so glad, Google never got a hold of Twitch. Youtube has long been ruined for gamers. Since it was taken over.

EdnaJones971532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

TBH, the torture scene wasn't that bad. Maybe cause I know I am watching a video game. People have always felt sort of weird about talking about sex and the very mention of it, makes everyone act like prunes.

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The story is too old to be commented.