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Tin Salamunic: Tropico prides itself in turning the most honorable leader into a monstrous dictator. My first few hours of leadership were build on trust and peace. Yet despite my good intentions, I ended up bankrupt with half the island warring and my allies turning against me. While playing an honest leader is certainly possible, Tropico’s satirical approach to politics “encourages” dirty play in order to truly succeed. Then again, considering how foul most politicians are in real life, Tropico may be far more realistic than it appears at first glance. Since its original release in 2001, Tropico’s niche has been its tongue-in-cheek presentation of the banana republics and Tropico 5 no different. The game’s humor is still undeniably charming while the mature gameplay offers a complex, immersive and challenging experience. Tropico 5 may not be a massive franchise overhaul, but Haemimont Games has improved nearly every area that made the series successful in the first place. For anyone who’s been let down by the recent Sim City catastrophe, Tropico 5 may be the remedy you’ve been looking for.

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