Nvidia GTX 980/970 – First Synthetic Benchmark “3DMark” Scores Leaked

DSOGaming writes: "As we can see, the performance difference between Nvidia’s GTX980 and GTX780Ti is pretty small. In fact, some could say that these are disappointing results. Still, if these cards are priced at around $499, then we can safely say that there will be a market for them."

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Razputin1560d ago

Just came in my pants.

Hopefully the 980ti comes out soon enough after this. Been waiting patiently for this still have my GTX 670.

DeadRabbits1560d ago did I!!!!

This is awkward @[email protected]

lelo2play1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Kind of disappointing. They skipped the GTX 800 series for this? I expected more.... way more.

infamous-butcher1560d ago

they didnt realy skip the 800 series. This is it. Its just called the 900 series because the mobile gpus are on the 800 nomenclature. It would just be more alkward if they kept going and named this the gtx 800 series and the next mobile gpus the gtx 900m series. Its also not the first time they done it either with the 300 desktop series being skiped. Its still going to be the same performance whather its called the gtx 800 or even if it was calle the gtx 1000 series. Its just a name.

R6ex1560d ago

Extremely disappointing! Still at 28nm node i.e. no big improvements. GPU is now like Intel, producing new CPUs with yearly 10% improvement. GTX 980 may be at best, around 10% better than GTX 780 Ti. Sad. CD Projek already stated that even the GTX 780 Ti can get 35-40 fps for The Witcher 3 at 1080p max. settings with 8x AA.

My GTX 670 is struggling already, and I can't wait to upgrade. However, I'll at least wait for the GM200 part or new 20nm part later.

ProjectVulcan1560d ago

R6ex, it's a massive performance per watt improvement. It's a 170w card that's quicker than an R9 290X and 780ti. These are both 250w+ cards.

You'll see the huge raw performance gains when they get around to releasing the 250w Maxwells....They will come, but probably not for at least 6 more months.

GreenUp1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )


Magicite1560d ago

Hopefully I can buy HD7950/7970 for cheap soon.

wannabe gamer1560d ago

Came in your pants over a 1% increase from the 780 to 980..... doesnt take much does it.
this is not impressive at all

Razputin1560d ago

LOL, your negativity makes me laugh, thank you.

I see many people can't take a joke and see exaggerated over enthusiasm.

If your idiot eyes weren't stuck on my ejaculation, I'm waiting for a 980ti, which will be a lot better than the 1% of the 980. But again, you must be a really smart, if you only cared about me and what goes on in my pants.

compguru9101557d ago

Hmmm, maybe your eyes are bad. If you notice that 980 has more than a 20% gain on the 780.... Maybe you were thinking the Ti (which is already the maxwell architecture)

Gamer19821559d ago

next to no performance increase from the 780ti. Yet it will cost a lot more..

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DougLord1560d ago

Might be the best thing on the market at $500, but a 10% upgrade vs a 290x is pathetic for "next-gen". I guess Nvidia only has to run as fast as AMD makes it. Like Intel. Very sad.

user56695101560d ago

This always have you thinking are these companies in bed with one another when they don't try to out do each other

R6ex1560d ago

No. Its TSMC & Apple's fault for not having 20nm wafers for GPU-makers.

Are_The_MaDNess1560d ago

still has better driver support, more direct support for games and features that AMD dont have.

ABizzel11560d ago

LMAO, I though the first score was from a single 980. I was like OMG, it's up there with the 295x, but it's SLI XD

Still it has great performance, but I'm waiting for the real Maxwell, before I upgrade so it's SLI for me.

Letros1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

They are probably going to milk it, this is Maxwell, next series will be higher TDP Maxwell, then 20nm Maxwell(or Pascal) will be the big boost.

ProjectVulcan1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Understand that this is akin to the GTX680 aka GK104. This is not the 'top' size Maxwell die. It's TDP is allegedly just 170w, 80w less than a 780ti! I find that impressive, considering it'll be 10 percent faster.

GTX680 was superceded by the 'top' size kepler the GK110 after about a year, first the Titan, then the 780 using that design.

Therefore GTX980 will be slightly faster than a 780ti, but use an awful lot less power.

Then maybe 6-12 months after, you'll see the top dog Maxwell employed in Teslas and limited run Titans no doubt. Soon after, a consumer card that relegates the GTX980 to midrange.

Same strategy as the GTX680 > Titan > GTX780 series

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NiteX1560d ago

Would like to get one of these to replace my GTX 560 Ti.

Are_The_MaDNess1560d ago

my GTX 580 3GB is ready to be degraded to PhysX duty.

sourav931560d ago

Trust me, you don't wanna do that. New nVidia cards have enough umph to do PhysX on their own. Unless you've got a GTX 260 or something for PhysX, don't bother. As sometimes using a high end card just for PhysX can reduce performance than using just the main card for PhysX.

Are_The_MaDNess1560d ago

yeah i know about the timing bottleneck.

that still does not stop me trying it out first. aslong the the physx timing is as fast as the timing on the frames you wont have a worse performance, and i dont think i will have a problem like that with a 580 and 970/980.

and yes the newer cards can do physx alot better than the 500 series but you still give it more room for a higher framerate or modding or even higher res or supersampling.

Nerdmaster1560d ago

I don't understand this chart. Why are there three GTX 980 and two 780 Ti?

Are_The_MaDNess1560d ago

different clock rates and SLI

Nerdmaster1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

SLI is pretty obvious (if I counted it, there'd be four GTX 980, not three), but I didn't notice the different clocks (I forgot that GPU clocks are two numbers for memory and whatnot). Thanks for the information.

I still think it's too confusing to create a table this way, having to search for the lowest occurence of a model in the list to find the (hopefully) stock model values. The 980 SLI item in the list isn't even using stock clocked 980.

wannabe gamer1560d ago

some are for a single card and some are for dual card setups

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