The Top 7 Worst Parts of Best Games

Nothing's perfect. Stare closely enough at anything - even a masterpiece - and you're bound to find flaws sooner or later. They might be small. They might be insignificant. They might not detract from the overall quality of the piece at all.

Except when they really, really do. With these seven games, in fact, you don't need to stare. Their flaws are so huge, so obvious, so frustrating and so effing obnoxious that you can't help but notice them, despise them and wonder how the damn things got included in the first place.

Do gamers usually end up loving these games anyway? Yes. Would they love them a lot more if they lanced these particular features like the foul, cancerous boils they truly are? Oh hell yes.

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FordGTGuy3830d ago

the worst part of Halo? What crap is that?

NO_PUDding3829d ago

What was worse then?

Eitehr way, it's unusaul for GamesRadar to do a list!

Jack Bauer3830d ago

i agree with 1. i hated the gummi ship

2, not a big fan of the flood parts either, played through halo 1s pre flood levels hundreds of times vs the others like 2 or 3.

4. zelda as much as i hated the look i loved sailing in the wind waker, even when i could warp, i still sailed my way to my destinations....heh i guess i wasn't the only person who had trouble on the water temple of OoT all those years ago.

5. dead rising, ultimately the time limit made me hate the game, otherwise it was cool.

6. mass effect, omg i hated the inventory system, i spent hours fidling with it to make space...i had like 24 hours in the game and easily 6 of those were in inventory.

7. only us really good mario karters hate the blue shell :)

Fallen_Angel3829d ago

What a crap list no bioshock, no chrono trigger and panzer dragoon saga and they actually had mario kart as number 1 ? Super mario world or super mario 3 is the best mario game. Its a tough call between the 2 personally I like super mario world better.

ape0073829d ago

the media is trying to make halo3 and gta4 great games while has simple flaws

halo3 and(specially gta4) were the biggest letdowns in this gen so far,everyone know that except kids and blind fanboys

Jack Bauer3829d ago

they were only letdowns to those with unfullfilling expectations... they were good, they did nothing new but were fun to play...and should add a game like mario galaxy too, that was the same thing as halo 3 and gtaiv, great, but just more of the same.

NO_PUDding3829d ago

And since everyone expected the games to be great (not much toa sk for) they were turned away and told to accept good.

Both GTA4 and Halo 3 were huge letdowns. And so far MGS4 and Assassin's Creed are the only games that ahve actually attemtped at bringing anythign new to this generation. And MGS4, doesn't really count becuase it's always brought something new.

Sonics0203829d ago

Dead rising is not a great game its OK. Mass Effect is not a great game either its good but not great.


i have to disagree a bit...

of course its all personal opinion, but dead rising was a great game. i am one of those peoples that hardley ever holds onto a game for long, but i still have my copy of dead rising.

Mass effect was a " good " as you said, and for me personally, it was a big let down. I know they wanted to get emotion out of the player, but it was a bit hard for me with all the issues. Frankly, MGS4 was much, much more emotional.

KrimsonKody3829d ago

I think da worst part of good game'z iz when da story iz interestin', da action iz poppin', then....huh, da story iz tryin' 2 twist. But not in a good way. It gitz boring, not so excitin', then U lose interest(sort of like FFXI....). Don't git me wrong, I'm a "BIG" FF fan, but I can't seem 2 say interested long enuff 2 finish da game,-or maybe I'm juz' so distracted by Next-Gen.......

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