Fan Expo 2014: Why The Evil Within....Did NOT Impress

Gaming is in full swing at Fan Expo…VGS takes an extensive hands on look of The Evil Within….Maybe it’s not you cup of tea, despite the fact it resonated like a bad copy of Resident Evil? Find out!

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GusBricker1555d ago

Considering what he said, the title makes zero sense.

DarkOcelet1551d ago

Lol exactly how i felt , i am glad Shinji Mikami is going for a really old school difficult game and classic save locations damn this game is just my style of game and i love dying in games . Seriously alot of preview are hating the game because it was hard is just insulting and tells you how casual these people are . Sigh

protocol101555d ago

The title of the article does not match up with what was actually said. Maybe the author does NOT understand the meaning of the word "NOT".