Sony, I’d Buy a Vita if it Had SD Card Support

Cory from For the Love of Gaming writes:

"I totally want a Playstation Vita. Combine the Vita with Playstation Plus and you have a device that will get new content every month as long as you subscribe, and eventually will be a great companion for that fateful day when I finally pick up a PS4, but if Sony really thinks I’m going to throw down $300 to get the Vita experience where I don’t have to worry about memory, they are crazy."

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Dudebro901499d ago

Totally agree. The price of the cards is downright criminal.

ramiuk11498d ago

its the reason i have never bought one too ,i vote with my wallet and charging about 500% exta for vita cards is a disgrace

Death1498d ago

The memory card cost is very high, but not my biggest complaint about the Vita. The hardware is excellent in both features and quality. It has a high end feel to it that can't be said about a DS. My problem is with support. When the system launched it was marketed as the power of a console, but with the convenience of a portable. Very little content has been released that actually pushes the hardware in any way.

If the memory card is the only thing holding you bacb, pick a Vita up. PS+ releases more than enough content to justify the cost of storage. Just don't expect to be blown away by the majority of the games available. Many come from the PSP's back catalog of games or could easily belong on the previous handheld.

OmegaShen1498d ago

Yeah, you're off by 500%. Its funny. Microsoft does the same thing with 360 and people are ok with it.

The prices are high, but I like to see the system itself have memory build in (more then 1gb).

ramiuk11498d ago

@omega, i bought xb360 consoles with HD built in and you wanst forced to buy extra space.
on vita with all the ps+ games etc u are forced to buy with vita as it does have internal or any included as standard.

and it is about 500% isnt it?
64gb sd is about £15 and isnt a vita equiv about £80?

Baccra171498d ago

After paying ridiculous prices for a memory card for the PSP, I made sure not to repeat that mistake when I saw Sony repeating history with the PSV.

nirwanda1498d ago

While I don't agree with the pricing of memory cards I do see the logic of standardizing them, there's a massive difference between the read/write speed of a class 1 SD card and a class 10.
Even cards in the same class have big differences between them.

darthv721498d ago

sony should have stuck with the M2 design. At least that is more approachable than these specialized cards that are only used for one thing...the vita.

KOIMOJO1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Even though the prices are still crazy, they aren't nearly as bad as they once were. I just got a 64 gb card for 100 dollars. Compare that to the 60 dollar sd card I bought for my 3ds and it isn't too crazy. When the 32 gb card was around 130 though.........

MrPink20131498d ago


People were not OK with hard drive prices on the Xbox 360. Where have you been? So stop deflecting, besides that system came with a hard drive in the premium model which people preferred. Now the Xbox One allows external hard drives up to 16 terabytes. Now what?

Nobody likes the price of Vita memory cards but sometimes you can get a decent deal. In the real world people have valid complaints like this one and Xbox 360 hard drive prices. Not everyone is a console warrior who can only defend one side.

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BattleTorn1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I sucked it up, and ordered a 64gb card from Japan.

Got it off eBay for around ~$80, which was a steal for when I got it. I think they hadn't even released in NA, and were regularly $150.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1498d ago

did the same but got it on amazon.

SaffronCurse1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Memory cards shouldn't be an issue. You pay for it once and that's it. There is an onboard of 1gb storage in the 2k series, which should suffice for a good number of physical vita games given that most require as little as 5mb. If you're big on digital downloads get the 32 or 64 gb. They are expensive as hell, but weren't there many exploits off sd/stickduo cards and the battery of the psp?
Sure sony wants to have the device secured as much as possible. It sure seems like there isn't any rampant piracy going on right on with it. The second an exploit is found, they release a "stability" patch.

Tiqila1498d ago

1GB does not suffice for a single Vita game, I am constantly freeing space on my 16GB card and it sucks. There are even PSOne games that need more than 1GB (e.g. Final Fantasy 7 and 8).

SaffronCurse1498d ago


The average physical vita game requires a minimum of 5mb to install onto the homescreen.

slivery1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )


Do you even actually own a PS Vita? What you're saying is not true at all. Unless you're talking about incredibly small indie titles, you aren't finding any actual Vita titles that are 5mb to install.

They range from 500mb-8GB including DLC.

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XSpike1498d ago

You only need 1 32gb or 64gb card & then you can fit heaps of games, I say get over it & buy a Vita. Its an awesome console with plenty of awesome games. With PS+ its the cheapest handhold I've ever owned with sooo many games.

RosweeSon1498d ago

I really don't understand why everyone moans about the price of the Vita cards shop around nearly a year ago (11 months) I paid £40-42 for a 32GB card yet today I can walk in to GAME and trade it in for £38 if I wanted to meaning I've lost no more than a fiver, with the consoles being barely over a £100 (£130/150 with memory card and either 6, 8 or 10 games) then all the free games you get with PS+ I can pretty much count the games I've actually bought physical copies for with both hands it's about 6 or 7 and the rest have either been free or in deals through the store so they have to make money somewhere so I guess it's in the totally agreed overpriced memory cards but just don't pay RRP for them like I said shop around 32gb shouldn't cost more than around £40-45 and as GAME and some other places try charge £55-60 trade it in with them as your always likely to get a better price ;) I've only bought the one card was tempted to get a 64gb for £60 but I'll just just the content I have, can always redownload it even if I do like having a nice selection of games (still do a good 4/5 proper vita games 10/15 indies and a good 30 or so ps1 classics, just wish they'd put the ps2 classics on vita but yeah memory card price isn't the biggest problem with vita it's the lack of AAA games but seriously if it's the price of the memory cards that worries you get ps+ at the same time and the free games within the first 3 months or so will basically pay back the cost of your memory card and probably years Ps+ membership, can't really day fairer than that.

paul-p19881498d ago

Although they are a tad on the expensive side, I imported a 64gb card and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I have 70 games on there (a mixture of AAA and Indie Vita, PSP and PS1 games and quite a few PS+ games) and still have at least 5gb left.

It might be a high price to start, but it's definitely worth the investment. Also, the reason it's proprietary is to stop piracy which has so far worked, so more studios will support the platform. Look at just how quickly PSP/DS got fully hacked thanks to Memory Stick Duo and SD card.......

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Spotie1499d ago

And so would all the people looking to hack the device for the pirated games.

Dudebro901499d ago

3DS takes SD cards, and that system is doing just fine.

nodim1498d ago

And is successfully hacked.

joeorc1498d ago


"3DS takes SD cards, and that system is doing just fine."

I love this, thinking a AAA 3DS games run the same costs in development as a AAA playstation Vita AAA game?

The fact that argument is even entertained show's many are only looking at it from "Nintendo" centric point and not from other companies other than "Nintendo"

Example: "Nintendo releases the 3DS at $249.00"

Than Sony releases the Playstation Vita, @ the same $249.00 and Nintendo than drops the price to $170.00 and that everyone points to the Playstation Vita as too costly!


Yeah because its the same thing with each companies offerings..

RosweeSon1498d ago

If only it was that simple, 3DS is fantastic and prob by fave just for it's quirkiest but there's no denying as I own both Vita is the more capable console and yet 3DS still smashes it out of the park even after such a slow start and with games that don't look quite up to vita standards, a way off when you compare say resi revelations and uncharted golden abyss, but yea I don't think it's just the fact vita doesn't have SD cards, sure the cost of the memory cards are pricey as I've mentioned in previous comment it's not that bad and the vita problem isn't just that simple otherwise they'd have added it when they changed the screen it's the fact that there's no AAA games for it and Sony have seemingly given up after a year or 2 once it's finally started to sell a few (specially in japan) but hey ho I'll finish off what I've got for it and then just use it for remote play, at the end of the day tho majority of the top end games come in around the 3GB mark some maybe 4 with updates that's a good 6/7 games on a 32gb card loads more games if there mainly indies. Juggle juggle that free space ;)
Make GT vita GTA vita MGS vita and God of war vita, not to mention follow on to handheld uncharted vita, killzone mercenary 2 and gravity rush and I'm sure they'd sell a few more PSP had their very own versions for all of these series yet all vita has gotten is rehashed ports from previous consoles and generations bar the off gem.

4logpc1498d ago

If people want to hack the system, it will get hacked. Regardless of the type of memory.

HakatoX1498d ago

hasnt been fully hacked yet....

slivery1498d ago

We'll see, hackers are usually clever and get around anything so I'm not doubting you but its been almost 3 years now and no one has fully hacked it yet.

When almost every other system, especially more recent ones have been hacked in less time. So those proprietary cards are definitely doing them some good although it is a double edged sword.

Geniusgaming1499d ago

I agree completely with this article. If my vita came with an SD Card I would more then gladly buy it!

Ilovetheps41498d ago

That's all I'm waiting for. If they would just put an SD card in it, I'd buy it. But until they do, I refuse to buy the Vita.

DualWielding1499d ago

those hyperexpensive propietary memory cards have really hurt vita sales

GiantFriendlyCrab1498d ago

not just that but also ps1 and ps2 emulator

ziggurcat1498d ago

you do know you can play PSOne games on the vita already, right?