35 Muscle Cars Revealed For DriveClub

35 cars have been revealed for Drive Club and are all of the muscle club variety. Take a look at the whole list of cars here. It goes without saying that this list may be added to at any time.

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xHeavYx1562d ago

No American muscle? smh

mikeboccher1562d ago

I would say yes with either dlc or further reveals

Septic1562d ago

Not a good enough excuse if its DLC (Yi Long where are you?!)

The omission of so many cars that you expect to be part of a basic offering in these games is what is really putting me off this.

ABizzel11562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

The car list is small, but there's a reason for it. It's the only racer to use completely new car models.

"A typical DRIVECLUB car is made up of 260,000 polygons. The staggeringly detailed cars you see in promo videos are the same models you drive in the game – they’re not pre-rendered CG versions."

"Each car takes approximately seven months to create - from initial licensing, reference collation, CAD data processing, asset production, physics modelling, through to the final car in-game."

Gran Turismo 5 had a huge car list of 1000+ cars, because it up-rezzed 800 cars from GT4, after spending 5 years making only 200 premium cars (GT4 2005, GT5 2010).

Forza did the same thing. The first game took at least 4 years to make on the original Xbox, and they ended up with just over 200 cars back then. 2 years later they added 100 cars to Forza 2, but they copied over and up-rezzed a bunch of cars from the original Forza. Then they added 50 "premium" cars with Forza 3 (100 more through DLC), and then Forza 4 added a few new cars.

Finally when they made Forza 5 for the XBO, and began the up-rez process again. They went from over 500 cars, down to just over 200. That's because they had to drop cars that weren't up to par with next-gen standards (basically every up-rezzed Forza 1 / 2 car). Which left them with just over 150 premium cars to choose from between Forza 3 / 4. They remodeled cars that they deemed requirements for the game and once again ended up with 200+ cars, with more coming through DLC.

So that’s why DriveClub’s car list is so small in comparison. It’s a brand new IP, that has to get brand new contracts with dealerships for adding their cars to the game, and they’re building high-end car models in the +200k polygon range. Whereas GT and Forza simply up-rezzed cars from the older games with GT5 sampling GT4, and Forza 5 sampling Forza 3 and Forza 4. It also explains why Forza Horizan 2 miraculously has 500+ cars coming to it, in only a years time when Forza 5 launched just a year ago with only 200+ (they up-rezzed Horizon 1 cars, used Forza 5’s up-rezzed cars, and down-sampled Forza 5’s true-next gen cars).

So that’s pretty much the reason. 200k - 300k polygon next-gen car models vs. 50k up-rezzed PS360 car models. That's also why DC is 1080p @ 30fps, compared to Forza 5 being 1080p @ 60fps.


There's nothing wrong with up-rezzed models, but it shows when you look at a DC car, compared to every other racing game on console.

It also makes me want to see what they'll do when the real next-gen Forza and GT come out. My guess is 100k - 150k poly cars, so they can maintain that 1080p @ 60fps, with maybe a MAX premium cars being 200k.

On top of that not having enough car models could have also been a reason DC was delayed, now that I think about it. I'm hoping for day 1 Free DLC with a new car pack, or at least 1 before the end of the year.

BlingBlaine1562d ago

ABizzle why no Project Cars comparison......

PCars>Drive Club and Forza COMBINED, IMO

YeahNah1562d ago

ABizzel1 none of the cars were uprezzed? All the cars in Forza 4 had the same quality, you can't tell the difference between the quality of new and old cars to the franchise. Also the reason why Forza 5 had only 200 was because they made all the cars from scratch in a new engine, and had Forza Vista for all the cars, which included completely modelling the interior and modelling each car at a much higher fidelity - The Rolls Royce Wraith itself took 8 months to model. Also none of the car models in the xbox one version of Horizon 2 would in no way be up-rezzed Horizon 1 models, because I played Horizon 1 and its car models were nowhere near the quality of Horizon 2, or even Forza 4. The 360 version of FH2 would most likely be uprezzed Horizon 1 cars, since its built on the Horizon 1 engine.

ABizzel11562d ago


Because the comment I posted was regarding why DriveClub's car list is small compared to other racing games. DC is starting brand new, while games like GT and Forza have been able to use the work they did on older versions of the game and have hundreds of cars day 1 because of it. And as far as I know there's not a full list of cars revealed for PJ Cars, although I do know there's suppose to be 76 confirmed. Also SMS had made several racing games in the past so chances are they already have many of their contracts still from the former racing games they made like Need for Speed Shift 1 & 2, Test Drive, etc...

However, I don't think DC is really comparable to GT, Forza, or PJCars. Those 3 games are all vying for the same audience, while DC is more of a niche racer Sony's Project Gotham if you will (seeing how quite a few of those devs made their way to Evolution after the closure).

YeahNah1562d ago

@ABizzel1 The reason why DC has less cars is because they spent the time putting as much detail as the can into each cars - the car models are probably the most detailed out of any car game so far. And Forza has more cars because they didn't put the same level of detail into each car model as DriveClub, and they've had 10 years of experience to become efficient modelling large numbers of cars.

ABizzel11562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )


"ABizzel1 none of the cars were uprezzed?"

That's completely wrong, and the quote comes directly from the creative director Dan Greenawalt, when interviewed about Forza 5.

They looked at Forza 4, and decided what they needed to improve upon for the next-gen generation. Forza 5 was being co-developed along with Forza 4 (Forza 4 literally Forza 3 with all the content, Autovista, Kinect features, and remodeling of cars that needed it), which is why it only had almost the exact same line-up of cars.

At first they tried using Autovista car models, but after getting potential specs. range they knew there was no way the XBO (or even PC really) was going to be running 500k - 1 million polygon model cars, while rendering the tracks, scenery, and multiple cars on the tracks.

So instead they developed a completely new lighting engine to improve the look of their games.

They took the car models for Forza 4 that were good enough and up-res them, other that needed work were digitally recaptured (which is kind of stupid considering they should have the original captures saved to being with, so I call BS on this) and had more polygons added to them, and those that weren't good enough were completely redone. They did the same thing for the tracks.

So they took the best of Forza 4, upgraded those components, rebuilt things that were good enough, and used next-gen effects like finally having Anti Aliasing, a vastly improved lighting system, HD textures, upgraded the environments, and went from 720p to 1080p.

There's a bunch of interviews and to get all those details you have to read several, but that's what they did to get Forza 5 up and running for launch.

It's amazing what lighting, Anti Aliasing, a resolution boost, and HD textures can do for a game. Simply going from low to max settings can make a game look much better as well, and Forza 5 did all of this over Forza 4.

ABizzel11562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

And as for Horizon 2, it's using the same engine, it has the same development cycle (2 full years), and Turn 10 is co-developing it. There's no way they're not using the same techniques, the only difference is they have an advantage because Turn 10 is helping them, and they've already developed for the XBO and Playground got to lean on their established work.

And the difference between Forza Horizon and Horizon 2 isn't as huge as you'd think

Horizon 1

Horizon 2

Forza 5

1. Up rez the car model.
2. 1080p native = sharper looking game
3. Add Anti-Aliasing to remove jaggies
4. Retexture car with HD textures, and reflective materials

And you can get those results going from 360 game to XBO game. They're also probably using downsampled Forza 5 car models since the cars a bit less detailed than what's in Forza 5. You don’t have to look any further than Halo Anniversary, they’ve taken original Xbox games and made them like top end 360 games running in 1080p @ 60fps on the XBO.

And here’s a final look from a PC perspective showing how drastic the difference between low settings (what the Xbox 360 versions are) and max settings (what the XBO versions are)

Here is an example of what a reflective surface can do for a car
(the hood of the car in max looks much better)

Crysis 1 is a good example too, of what a texture upgrade can do
(Look at the bottom images trees, water, and hill in the background)

The good news is that the next Forza should be completely next-gen for the most part. Which is why I didn't even bother buying Forza 5. And seeing where technology is headed it also shows that Autovista cars from Forza 4 could be a reality in the next Xbox console.

Autovista or XBNext gameplay

YeahNah1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

@ABizzel1 True, I just read about the up-res thing after I posted that. At least the up-res isn't as noticeable as Gran Turismo's standard cars :P

However I kinda disagree with a few things you said.

I've played Horizon 1, and the car model detail difference between this and its sequel is like night and day (even from watching a 1080p youtube video). Even the car models in H1 were noticeably worse than Forza 4's models. When you play it in person, you can see noticeable straight edges on curved features (noticeably on the One-77), which would definitely not be fixed by anti-aliasing. If that problem is fixed by 'up-ressing' the models then it's a really good thing they did it. Also the car textures in H2 are heaps better and more crisp than H1's, and I don't see why you portray 'Retexturing the car with HD textures, and reflective materials' as a petty technique for increasing quality. What else do you expect them to do? Simulate the way photons react to the materials' atoms at a quantum level?

Anyway, if they reused modelling data from returning cars, as long as the geometry is accurate and they collect/use more data to increase the detail, I don't see why they should recapture the same base data that probably hasn't changed from the same car over two years.

Race tracks are a different story, as they are constantly changed, and its harder to obtain accurate data because tracks are usually much larger than cars.

Also it's explicitly stated that Horizon 2 on XbOne is built on the F5 graphics engine, while the 360 version is using Horizon 1's engine.

Horizon 2's car models might be greatly improved from Horizon 1's models (judging from my experience that the H1's models were rather relatively poor), however DriveClub still has the highest detailed car models so far, from modelling exactly how the interior is made to how light and reflections react to those materials. And as a result, the number of cars is smaller.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

I think the author is confused. All of these cars have already been revealed and some of them are hardly muscle cars. Ariel Atom? Really?

Septic1562d ago

Yeah I was thinking the same.

Rainbowcookie1562d ago

yup and I'm sure there will be more before release and after with dlc , I hope the dlc part will be less though.

theXtReMe11562d ago

Yea. When you say muscle car, people automatically think of post 1960-1987 american cars. Show me a 67-69 Dodge Charger to get me excited. :)

4logpc1562d ago

Is there seriously not even basic American muscle? Camaro, Mustang? I can't seem to find it anywhere on any car list. If thats true, thats super sad.

Flipgeneral1562d ago

No Japanese cars either..

Gran Touring1562d ago

umm... all of these cars have already been revealed before. And seriously, who would consider an Alfa 4C, A45 or M235i a muscle car anyway? This is simply a list of 35 of DC's ~50 cars.

But really now, why aren't there any American or Japanese makes at all in this game?

mcstorm1562d ago

DC has not really got a massive choice of car types then if 35 of them are muscle cars ide of liked them have more choice.

SoapShoes1562d ago

There are American cars. Hennessey Venom GT is American.

LazyGoron1562d ago

Hey what do you know... Asian owned game company doesn't have American muscle cars...

I wonder if the American owned game, FH2, has American muslce cars? Serious question, I don't play racing games or follow them.

Septic1562d ago

"Hey what do you know... Asian owned game company doesn't have American muscle cars... "

Hey what do you know, Asian owned game company doesn't have any Asian cars. Yup you read that right.

"I wonder if the American owned game, FH2, has American muslce cars? Serious question, I don't play racing games or follow them"

Yes it does. That 'American owned game' also has Japanese cars. Go figure.

LazyGoron1562d ago


seems very silly on both accounts. I am beginning to wonder if there will be an issue with them only having 50 cars and lacking a lot of the cars that people do want.

Riderz13371562d ago

Driveclub is a new IP, so naturally it will have less content because Evolution has to basically start from the beginning. I'm sure if they made a sequel the car list will improve a ton.

The First Forza Horizon didn't have that many cars either, and now with the sequel they have plenty of cars.

Septic1562d ago


Yeah but the complete lack of American muscle cars let alone all Japanese cars is not excusable. Forza Horizon never suffered from such a glaring omission. So no, I don't think that DC being a new IP is a good enough excuse.

WeAreLegion1562d ago

What? Polyphony (Japan) always has American cars in Gran Turismo. I don't get your comment. Evolution is from Europe, too. They will include the best cars. If America doesn't make the list, so be it.

ps4fanboy1562d ago

Can't wait to fly (drive fast)down roads, with in car view (McLaren p1) at night , interior lights showing a perfect rendition of dash , the glow of which is slightly illuminating/reflecting upon the glass of window screens, in light drizzle of sleat hitting front window screen and being slicked off glass with the perfect wiper speed and sound as it is in the real car(probably noa sound then! Lol), racing over the Scottish highlands at silly speeds , listening to the beasts engine and exhaust sound....

Give me this f%&&%£ing game now!!

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