UGO: Metal Gear Online review

UGO writes: "For the hardest of the core Metal Gear Solid fans, there's only one thing to do when not sneaking silently through Snake's final journey: play Metal Gear Online. Built on the basic mechanics of the main single player game, MGO strips away the need for stealth and replaces it with mostly objective-based match types in addition to the expected deathmatch/team deathmatch variants. Though hindered by some fundamental control issues and a few additional not-entirely-unexpected post-release jitters, MGO offers enough unique twists on multiplayer gaming that it could potentially hold up over long-term play. Not that the legions of MGS fans scattered across the world helps in any way."

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sonarus3834d ago

MGS is not a very shooter friendly series but a fan of MGS4 will find himself right at home battling online

rickjames3834d ago

yea i thought it would be more about stealth. playing online just made me want to play cod4