Destiny is GAME's most pre-ordered new IP in history

Over 300 GAME stores to open at midnight to celebrate the hotly anticipated release

GAME announced today that Destiny had become the most pre-ordered new IP in history.

With hours to go before Destiny's launch, UK retailer GAME said, “We look forward to welcoming a huge population of fans into our stores at midnight. September 9th 2014 will be a pivotal moment for gamers all over the world, and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of delivering what is a ground-breaking gaming experience."

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stubee341555d ago

Gutted.Ordered from game and it has not arrived today,usually get games the day before release from but tried game as they had good pre order bonuses but they have let me down.

Drabent1555d ago

What else is there??? Like no games 2014...

jay21555d ago

Don't use those rip of murchents got it a tenner cheaper very happy with that.