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AAG's Will writes: "Put on your skates, grab your stick and find that face mask. NHL 15 is here and it’s time to hit the ice with the pros. For the first time on the new generation, fans of the beautiful game of Ice Hockey have a title to possibly call their own. Will you take the Kings back to the cup or give up halfway into the season?"

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qwerty6761529d ago

hmm guess early access is good in these situations

JeffGUNZ1529d ago

Game is not good. The AI is overpowered which is ok as long as it's realistic. Doesn't matter the team, but the 8 passes in rapid succession to a one time goal is basically every goal scored against you. I grew up playing hockey, this is not hockey.

The one positive is they finally fixed the power play. I was actually able to set up and moved the puck around in real life, the AI on my team was not sharp enough to fill in positions if say I was a defensemen dropping low or pinching in, but overall, I was able to move the puck around, create space, and get some solid power play goals.

Overall, the AI fakeness ruined it for me.

Soldierone1528d ago

I seriously hate that! It's been like that for a few years though. The AI randomly gets a power trip and suddenly you can't hit them, hit their stick, or block any passes.... If you are lucky the goalie will save it and you can hold it, but if the team all skates away and you play the puck they all come back, somehow man handle your players, and score....

Remy_Chaos1528d ago

Well it is EA... why anyone would think any of their titles are any good is beyond me. How many years till you people who support them wake up???

snarls2001528d ago

quality of the games is not the isue. its the greed that is the problem

dougr1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I was so hyped and ready for this game, but today I made the mistake (not really) of going to the operation sports forums and reading. Turns out not only did they take my favorite mode out EASHL, but they've removed almost every game mode and feature you can think of. This is a true bare bones game. How can you not have create a player or create a team? How about no editing players. The draft is computer simulated. This game is 100% all about game play and nothing else. The modes sound like they have received zero upgrades, actually in fact mostly downgrades. I'm so disappointed. I want to not buy it and pray that others do the same so that we hurt EA in the pockets, but I'm probably not strong enough to skip the game and am sure I'll cave in tomorrow and buy it. I am part of the problem...

SonyKong641528d ago

I bought it solely to play with my friend in Vs mode online.. I'm in absolute shock that they've left out regular season mode and I'm not able to play vs mode online in arcade mode which is a bit of a letdown.

they've sold us about a quarter of a game compared to nhl14.

I am also part of the problem..