Oculus Co-Founder ‘optimistic’ Project Morpheus Will Release

VRFocus - It’s been an interesting few weeks to track the two most high-profile virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD) in development at the moment. Oculus VR, creator of the Oculus Rift VR HMD for PC has come off the back of Gamescom 2014 having been asked by a swarm of press about its potential rivalry with Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus VR HMD for PlayStation 4. Company founder Palmer Luckey and VP of product Nate Mitchel have expressed concerns about SCE’s commitment to VR and compared the current prototype to its own work. But when all is said and done it appears that, at the very least, Mitchell is ‘optimistic’ Project Morpheus will eventually see release.

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porkChop1530d ago

Uh... why wouldn't it release? They announced the product, said it could maybe come out in 2015, and talked about how developers and publishers have been excited to work with the technology. They're not just gonna cancel the thing for no reason.

XBLSkull1530d ago

I thought it was a done deal. Surprised to hear its still up in the air but understandable. Gonna be an expensive peripheral, success is far from guaranteed.

URNightmare1530d ago

Has anyone else noticed how ppl from Oculus always talk in a negative kind of way about Project Morpheus? Like, they try to downplay it in a stealthy manner.

I've read every interview and it's always the same. Meanwhile, Sony talks about how they want to make VR a big thing in collaboration with other companies and they talk only about their product and never say any negatives about the other's.

Anyway, it's obvious Morpheus will see a release date. I don't even know why these ppl try to insinuate that's up in yhe air when more and more devs are working on it . They even confirmed at GamesCon War Thunder will support it.

pompous1529d ago

And yet it's closer to release than oculus is. All these negative remarks from them just shows they are threatened by project morpheus. Don't they realize that they need morpheus to be successful for there's to be as well. They kind of need each other's device to make it or all vr won't. It's the next evolution in gaming and we now have the tech to do it.

user56695101529d ago

Ooooooooo sdf going rip this dude a new one. Seem journalist like asking ORift devs about morpheus instead of their own product but than again they know how dumb people are look at the posts above.