It's Thinking - Today in History - September 9th, 1999

Carl Williams writes, "The Sega Dreamcast was the last hope for Sega in the console market, we didn’t know it at the time and most of us just enjoyed it for what it was- a rocking console. There are multiple claims as to why the Dreamcast failed; we are not here to argue any of them. It died. It was tragic and disheartening and it saddened a lot of gamers while angering many more. Sega gave their all with the Dreamcast and that is a fact, they went all out and tried to rekindle that spark that their Genesis console lit way back in 1989. The Dreamcast launched with 19 titles that covered genres such as arcade, racing, sports, light gun, shooters, action adventure, fighting and even survival horror. This was the most rounded launch in gaming history – literally, gamers had all of the major bases covered here minus puzzle games."

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