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Submitted by resistance100 2789d ago | review

PST Metal Gear Solid 4 review - 100/100

Turkish Website have given Metal Gear Solid 4 a perfect score of 100/100. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 100/100

clintos59  +   2790d ago
I might not cant read it but I can see the perfect score.. :)
Thats all I need to know because the game deserves it. :)
Superfragilistic  +   2789d ago
If that's the case you're an incredibly sad individual. You have posted on other stories that 8/10 and 9/10 aren't justified by the reasons the authors give and yet you're quite happy to blindly accept a 10/10 without any reason given?!

The game is no doubt awesome in my opinion. But I'd like to understand why others feel the same. What they liked and didn't. Otherwise what's the point of a review in the first place?!


And according to your comment history you're only up to Act 3 as of three hours ago. I suggest you play through the entire game before dissing people who write reviews on the entire experience.

I loved MGS4, but it's not a perfect game and the second half pales in comparison to the unparalleled first half which is absolutely sublime and the best MGS I've ever played.
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Kain81  +   2789d ago
Sen ne diyorsun be, bu oyun bir efsane hic bir oyun buna simidia kadar yaklasmadi.
MGS4 bence su agn en iyi oyun piyasda.
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Superfragilistic  +   2789d ago
Bubbles for being a smart arse in a language I can't understand! :)
Kain81  +   2789d ago
This was türkish
and i only said that MGS4 is the best Epic game this Gen, i have not attacked you or so^^
Sorry if you missunderstood me^^
It was little Joke cause the reviw comes from a Türkish site^^
And it was the first one i saw for along time^^
Superfragilistic  +   2789d ago
All good mate, never said you were attacking me but rather being a cheeky bugger by showing off your skills and talking in a language I clearly couldn't understand. All good. :)
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picker332  +   2789d ago
Mgs4 is good no thought!

But it was a little to long cutscenes & little to short gameplay in my opinion.
GVON  +   2789d ago
you should of started the game on big boss mode, also who here went over the bridge after the first encounter with drebin in act 2?
bourner  +   2789d ago
have you tried the game in big boss extream, i just did and i gave up . if you get spotted you are nearly always dead
GVON  +   2789d ago
not in extreme, I started straight on big boss hard and yet to complete it, if I get spotted I normally let snake die, but i like to perfect things, I spent the best part of three hours trying to go through the militia tunnels (act 1 after mk,II) without getting spotted. it was a hell of a lot of fun but rock solid.

If I could have extreme mode now I would restart the game and try to play through it again.
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juuken  +   2789d ago
Another perfect score.
This game deserves it. I can tell Kojima worked extremely hard on it.
supergamer  +   2789d ago
timmyrulz  +   2789d ago
And heres a review from Litchenstiens website zamaroff macaroff...... People you need to seriously stop searching the entire worlds gaming websites for perfect scores, we get it, the game is good
DARK WITNESS  +   2789d ago
i posted this before, but wonted to know others thoughts on it. yes i would say its a 10/10 game, does have one or two failings though.

now i don't mean this in anyway to dis the game, i love it, every min of it and i will say its the best single player next gen game i have played thus far...

but does anyone find snake a bit frustrating to listen to ? I am on my second play through and trying to unlock the active camo. i am taking in a lot more of what is being said and i find snake comes across as being a bit thick in the head.

i mean for a hardened soldier that has been in the business for almost 20 years some stuff i would have thought i could figure out by now.

he always seems to be suberized by everything and shows it by always repeating what he just heard with a ? at the end.

i think in some parts its because a new element has come into the game play and kojima is trying to introduce this to the new player, but he seems to always do this at the expense of snakes intelligence.

it does not take away from it being a truly great game; maybe the best ever !

but sometimes i feel like slapping snake round the back of the head a bit; come on man, whats wrong with you !

anyway, i am really enjoying my second play through and trying to do it with out getting a single alert is really showing how vast this game is and how there are so many different ways of playing it.

no spoiler, but that final fight, was that the best boss fight or what.. never felt so satisfied kicking the crap out a boss !
beavis4play  +   2789d ago
bubbles for noticing something i did too!
it has nothing to do with the quality of the game, which i feel deserves a "10" but.....

you are 100% right. why does snake repeat things that were just said? i guess it's because he's shocked at what he's just heard? like, when i someone told me gas was 4$ a gallon--first thing i said back was "4$ a gallon?" i repeated it! so, it's probably like that.but i agree, when playing the game, it can get a little annoying. as far as final boss fight; yea, very satisfying. but my favorite boss fight is still "the end" from snakeeater. it was a style i always wanted to see but didn't think a dev. could pull off. now with MGS4, as then with MGS3, kojima just continues to amaze me.
juuken  +   2789d ago
Yes, the game does have some minor faults.
That was kind of annoying for me. Maybe it's the aging? *shrugs*
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DARK WITNESS  +   2789d ago
thank you, i was worried its just me...

I understand why he does it, but its about how his character is developed and how believable his character is.

unfortunately i am at work and can't remember off head any of the offending scenes, but what i mean is like..

he is meant to be this legendary soldier who has this reputation about him. considering how long he has seen battle and with all the mad stuff that has happened with the story plots from the other games, you would expect him to sort of know what he is into and what others are talking about. but he just never seems to have a clue..

to give an example; in act 2 when you are tracking Naomi and you follow the foot prints through the river, you come out the river and here foot prints have gone. so you get this call from Raiden who explains to snake like he is a baby that the footprints that are deeper are because they are heavier.... snake comes across like Oh, maybe its because they are carrying someone.... come on snake, fisher would figure it out.

its just a play of words, its the way its script it. I understand that it happens so the player does not feel lost and knows what to do next, but you want to feel like snake is super soldier with lots of combat experience and has a feel for what he is doing. A kind of soldiers instinct.

he has been in loads of sneaking missions, you would think he does not need to be told when to sneak etc. if they reversed it and had Sneak talking more to otacon it would make the difference. eg, otacon gives sneak the info about what pmcs are in the area and what fighting is going on, but then sneak is like, ya i could use this to my advantage if i help these guys. instead its otacon spoon feeding him everything... its a little thing but it makes a big difference.

like i said though, it takes nothing away from the overall production value, its still a 10/10 game and my personal best next gen game. it delivers on every level as far as i am concerned. its just the charcter development and play of words i would change.

if i am playing a character who is bad ass, i want him to look bad, think bad, act bad, talk bad ass etc.. know what i mean.
Veryangryxbot  +   2789d ago
And the carnage continues for the 360 as it gets slaughtered by MGS4.
Another perfect 10. Write that one down in the historybooks bots!

PS. Watch how metacritics ignore the latest bunch of perfect 10s!
rockleex  +   2789d ago
I know what you're saying. That's what I thought the whole time too.

The thing is, they think they need to instruct newcomers on how some things work in MGS by letting other characters tell Snake what to do.

But they forget that they can ALSO instruct the gamer by letting Snake TALK about how he can handle certain situations through certain procedures.
tk  +   2789d ago
Poor Metacritic
Too many 10/10 and 100% scores, not enough 8/10 scores to get that score lower.
TheColbertinator  +   2789d ago
The Turks loved it!

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