W40K: Eternal Crusade [Pre-Alpha] Impressions

Angry Joe plays Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade and gives his impressions warning first 5 minutes NSFW

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nippletwister1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Thank you GamesWorkshop for being absolute control freaks about your tabletop and products, to the point where you would send an army of drones with hellfire missiles and 40000 lawyers to exterminate anyone trying to mess with it with political correctness and political/ideological jibber jabber bullcrap. Thank you even more for giving a middle finger to EA so many times.
Thank you for focusing on your own core audience rather than some "wider audience" bullcrap, and making games that appeal to the core that is interested rather than trying to appeal to everyone everywhere.

But you guys need to get some serious quality control for the books, some authors mess with the canon too much and make basic shitups. And the money you charge for some things is god damn HERESY.
Still, i wish you stay independent and never get bought by anyone.

I usually hate the MMO genre beyond EVE, but i think i will get in on this like a madman.