Xbox Denmark responds to Sony Denmark's Trolling Welcome Video

Over the weekend, PlayStation Denmark decided to welcome their console rivals, the Xbox One to their late arrival in the country. Xbox DK replied to them on Facebook and promised some friendly revenge.

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bouzebbal1532d ago

let's see what they might come up with.. mmmmmaybe...a...........cologn e?

Septic1532d ago

If I were being truly evil, I'd leave a dozen X1 power bricks in the carpark, prompting Sony to commission a crane to remove them all.

I'm just messing btw before some over-sensitive chap throws a fit.

tuglu_pati1532d ago

Really cool Ad. Interesting to see how MS will respond. This could launch an
advertising war between the two, which could lead to very funny situations.

XisThatKid1532d ago

I like to see stuff like this on both parts. Toob ad these companies can't launch such ads in the U.S. where everyone is sooo over sensitive about competition and the like. glad Denmark still has a sense of humor.

TomShoe1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

sorry, wrong article.

ZombieKiller1531d ago

Wouldn't it be crazy if Sony responded with an EPIC Kevin Butler ad? I know it will probably never happen but damn that would be great. I agree, this could start a funny ad war. Let them duke it out, we (the consumer) will only win in the end...

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Gamer19821532d ago

Really loving Sonys new advertisement agency. So much better advertising than last generation as there actually trying and it shows in the sales clearly. Nothing better than a bit of friendly rivalry, its when they start showing off with big heads and get petty gamers don't care for.

thejigisup1532d ago

I totally agree, I still miss those Kevin butler commercials though.

system221532d ago

not that it matters that much but they have several agencies for different parts of the world. a few for european areas, americas etc.

i do love it when they get clever though. reminds me of the audi-bmw billboard war that broke out here in los angeles a few years ago. look it up if you're interested. you'll get a laugh out of it.

rainslacker1532d ago

Kevin Butler was the best thing to ever come out of Sony's marketing firms. Hilarious pandering to the fan boy wars, while still being able to give info/market the product they were trying to market, and the actor was awesome on his delivery. The Gran Turismo one is still one of my favorite game commercials of all time.

Section81532d ago

I do agree but the biggest part where MS failed and Sony is in the lead this gen is clearly because of their stance when they announce the xone. DRM etc.

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JackOfAllBlades1532d ago

Like Sony was really trolling

lelo2play1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I can already see it... when Xbox Denmark responds to Sony Denmark's Trolling Welcome Video all hell will break loose and N4G will be filled with hate articles bashing Microsoft.

Fanboys really need to lighten up, specially Sony fanboys.

Silly Mammo1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Just like when MS fanboys get all up in arms when one of Sony's execs says something snarky about the X1? It goes both ways. No one is innocent in this Fanboy War. :P

gootimes1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Are you kidding? All you ever hear on this site is how bad Sony treats Microsoft, and how Microsoft are so abused by Sony. Xbox fans sure have a victim complex anymore!

Randostar1532d ago

You do realise you look like far worse of a fanboy when you say dumb s*** like this?

Magicite1532d ago

xbox has lost any importance in northern and eastern Europe now.

ScottyHoss1532d ago

That's Xbox Germany's job ;) making a cologne.

G20WLY1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Ha, very done!

That would give them something to pass the time.

ScottyHoss1531d ago

Thanks! I'm glad you thought it was funny, but I'm sure they're actually a pretty busy bunch (any German is busy, they're hard workers), wasn't really intended as a fanboy remark though, just a geographical pun :D

MazzingerZ1532d ago

I don't even think there's a Xbox Denmark

MSFT excuse for the delay in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Finland) was localization for Kinetec wasn't ready

X1 launched last week and still no explanation from MSFT at all, they treat their customers as little kids...

r1sh121531d ago

I hope everyone realises the xbox/ps teams all know each other well.
I think they are friends outside of work so they just messing with each other.
Its friendly banter.

Too many people getting a bit too emotional over this.

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Kayant1532d ago

Oh Can't wait. Should be fun.

Also something funny I say on Gaf earlier but the Xbox twitter account hasn't been used since 23 Feb 2011 -

Ocsta1532d ago

Was it trolling? I thought it was good sportsmanship. Oh well.

IndoAssassin1532d ago

Sony fans think it's good fun. Xbox fans think it's trolling.

I just thought it was hilarious like the destiny fragrance commercial.

People stress out on useless things. Boggles my mind.

Ocsta1532d ago

Yeah you'd swear people weren't dying of hunger all over the world.

Gh05t1532d ago

I think you meant Fan*boys

As a MS fan, I thought this was great and better be returned in true rivalry fashion. I used to do this stuff to our High School rivals and again in College :) good times and all in the name of sportsmanlike competition.

Kidmyst1532d ago

For anyone who wants to hate on Sony as trolling read the article, it even shows MSFT doing this to Sony last gen when the PS3 was off to a rough start. Just good clean fun, not like they tagged the MSFT walls with stencils from Infamous SS.

Forn1532d ago

I think that video was a clever, I hadn't seen it before now. Pretty funny.

TheWatercooler1532d ago

Has the Xbone launched in all area's now? I assume it's DOA just like Japan USA and UK.

sinspirit1531d ago

His source is "I assume". Read :\

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